Keeping Your Eye on the Big Picture of Nutrition

woman eating salad healthy vegetablesWe talk a lot about eating on the show. In the more than 1,000 shows we’ve put together, I’ve covered everything from diets to nutrients to health fads and more. While I always try to connect those messages to the bigger picture, I know that it’s easy to get lost in the details and forget that there’s more to nutrition than what vitamin or mineral happens to be good for you this week. In the spirit of helping to make a forest out of all the trees, I wanted to spend a little bit of time this week talking about the big picture on nutrition and how to make sense of all the information that’s out there. Read more  »

Sharecare Top 5: Summer Health Hazards, Tips for a Healthy First Trimester, and Ways to Stick with Psoriasis Treatment


This week on Sharecare we’re revealing insider health info from top ER docs, helping you live longer with some tips to get happy and offering a useful guide for a healthy pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy is such an exciting — and sometimes scary — time for new parents. Don’t let it worry you. Check out this pregnancy guide that will explain your baby’s growth, as well as the aches, weight gain, morning sickness and other changes that occur during the first trimester.

2. Summer’s long days and warm temps mean fun outdoor activities for everyone. But the season may also bring special health hazards — think nasty bee stings and overheating. Get advice from emergency room docs about the summer’s top dangers and what to do about them.

3. If you have psoriasis, getting effective treatment is a must — not just to relieve your symptoms and boost your quality of life, but also to protect your overall health. Find out what you need to know about being on a consistent psoriasis treatment plan.

4. Your happiness right now doesn’t just affect your life in the short term; it can also impact your longevity down the road. Learn how happiness can boost your life satisfaction and get tips to improve your outlook.

5.A recent Harvard Medical School study reviewed the accuracy of symptom checkers, but still some in the media question the results. Darria Long Gillespie, MD, sets the record straight and fills you in on what it means for your health.

With Age, the Arc of Sleep and Memory Changes

man snoring sleeping

When you sleep well, you’re making a long-term investment in the health of your memory as you age. That’s one important takeaway from a significant new study on the relationship of sleep to cognitive function. Scientists at Baylor and Emory universities reviewed a wide body of research—roughly 200 studies conducted over more than 50 years—that examined the role that sleep plays in memory and other cognitive processes. Their analysis found that making high-quality sleep a priority during youth and middle age may help guard against age-related cognitive decline, including problems with memory, many years later. Read more  »

Protecting Your Hearing Well Into Old Age

woman listening to music earbuds headphonesThe last 50 years have seen a revolution in the way the music is made, distributed, and consumed. I grew up listening to records, then cassettes, then CDs and now digital files and have watched speakers get smaller and smaller. The discovery of tiny, powerful magnets have meant that we can make powerful speakers smaller than the size of your fingernail. But there’s a problem that doctors have been increasingly picking up on. These tiny speakers put into headphones and earbuds are delivering often-damaging levels of sound directly into your ears and many doctors are already starting to see a wave of hearing loss as a result. What can you do to protect your hearing? Here are a few tips. Read more  »

Sharecare Top 5: The Health Benefits of Happiness, a Simple Stress-Buster, and 8 Yoga Poses for Strong, Toned Legs

forward bend yoga pose

This week on Sharecare we’re giving out tips to ease daily stress, sharing ways to help your feet look good naked and helping you get the summer beach legs you’ve always wanted.

1. You’ve heard about the damaging impact that negative emotions can have on your health, but are you aware of how a happy mood can boost your overall wellness? Discover how a sunny disposition can shine rays for better heart health, a stronger immune system and more.

2. Everyone has a bad day now and then, but you shouldn’t let that stress overwhelm you. Check out these surprisingly easy ways to tackle the tension and better manage your everyday stress.

3. Do you have pretty feet? Or do you prefer to keep them covered up? Watch this video to learn three simple tips to keep your feet groomed and pain-free so you’ll want to show them off.

4. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released its 2015 Dietary Guidelines — a healthy-diet blueprint that affects everything from school lunch menus to the dietary advice your doctor gives you. Find out what Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen think about the recommendations, as well as tips to eat healthier.

5. Summer is in full swing and that means cooler, lightweight clothes. But if you’re lacking the confidence to wear that summer skirt or those breezy shorts, your wardrobe may be limited. Shape up in no time — and boost your confidence — by following this simple yoga routine for leaner, sexier legs.

Powering Up Your Summer Plate

Mango,Pomegranate and Rocket saladSummer brings with it the main growing and harvesting season of the year, which means that farmers’ markets are overflowing with fruits and vegetables of amazing diversity. I like to take advantage of this season to try something new every week when I drop by my local farmers’ market. So which nutrient-packed items could you be using to power up a usually boring meal? Here are a few of my favorites to add to anything from salads to desserts. Read more  »

How to Wear High Heels Pain-Free

Woman wearing polka dot high heels

The higher the heel, the closer to God, I say. My husband (an orthopedic surgeon), on the other hand, says the solution to high-heel pain is to not wear them.

I’m keeping my heels. But I’m considering a new husband.

Okay, maybe not. But as an ER doctor, I’ve treated women with injuries related to their heels – including a recent one who fell after getting her heel caught in cobblestones. A recent study showed that not only are high heels prone to cause foot pain and ankle injuries, they can lead to foot and ankle sprains, fractures, and other injuries related to falls. ER visits for high-heel-related injuries have doubled since 2002 to an estimated 14,140 injuries in 2012.

So, there are fashion emergencies and fashion emergencies. Darling, I don’t want you to be either one, so I won’t tell you to avoid heels, but I will tell you how I make them wearable. Read more  »

Sharecare Top 5: Eat Smart at Summer Parties, Live Better With RA Pain, and 6 Surprising Ways to Get Happy

Family having a barbecue party

This week on Sharecare, we’re helping you stay slim for swimsuit season, reduce rheumatoid arthritis aches, and get your sleep cycle back on track.

1. With nicer weather and longer days, summer is the perfect time for pool parties and outdoor festivities. But all that fun usually goes hand in hand with lots of food. Learn ways to make smart eating choices and still enjoy yourself at all your summer gatherings.

2. Trying to boost your mood? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Discover six little things you can do every day to bring more joy into your life and increase your happiness levels.

3. The phrase “no pain, no gain” doesn’t apply to strength training. When you work out your muscles, the exercises need to be challenging to get results — but not to the point where it’s painful. Watch this video for expert advice on how to practice resistance training safely.

4. When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, a proactive approach to your pain is better than ignoring the symptoms. Check out these self-care tips that’ll help you ease inflammation, lower fatigue, and find relief.

5. Are you having trouble getting some shut-eye? Your fast-paced lifestyle may be to blame. Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen offer simple sleep strategies to get the ZZZs you need.