An Inside Look at the Allergy Medicine Murder Case

Colored pills, tablets and capsules

Written by Laura Pettler, Ph.D., LPI

Could allergy medicine be responsible in part for the tragic murder of Rebecca “Becky” Apodaca on February 1, 2017? I’m not a medical doctor, so check out the show for what Dr. Oz has to say about over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medication taken in large quantities, but instead let’s focus on the forensic criminology aspects of this case.


5 Tips to Enhance Your Happiness and Improve Your Health

senior couple beach sunset sunrise

Ah, happiness. Even simply thinking about being truly happy can bring a smile to a person’s face and the feeling of pure joy. Some say happiness is learned while others believe happiness is innate. I venture to think happiness is a fundamental part of who we are — just consider an infant squealing with delight while reaching for a brightly colored toy. Within that young human being is the ability to experience happiness in its purest form, a happiness quotient off the scale.