Angela and Ron Start Their Weight-Loss Journey


After the Truth Tube is the destination to catch up with your favorite Truth Tube participants and see how their progress is going. Read on to cheer them on and try tips from their plans to improve your own health.

Hello, world! This is Angela and Ron, 33 and 35, respectively. We became engaged August 8, 2014, and almost immediately we began discussing our future. One of our goals is to be healthy for each other and for our possible future children. Ron was at 408 pounds, down from his highest weight last year of 440 pounds and Angela was up to 240 pounds, her highest weight ever.


Ron grew up with a single mother who became ill when he began high school. He was never a slim child, but he was built for football. He was an offensive lineman until his freshman year of college. He played football at a time when things were different than they are today. He now has little to no cartilage in his knees or feet and suffers from arthritis. His eating habits did not affect him until he stopped working out. Once he could no longer play football, the pounds added up quickly. Luckily, Ron had a lot of confidence, so the weight didn’t bother him in his social life. With the future in mind, he knows he cannot live a long and healthy life at the weight he is now. Ron is a teacher and on his feet daily. He also coaches football and basketball.


Angela grew up very active and participated in a variety of activities such as roller-skating, ice-skating, gymnastics and swimming. She joined the Army at 20 years old and was 135 pounds. Unfortunately, her time in the Army was cut short with a pelvic stress fracture, which led to an injured knee and back. Because of this, she was honorably medically discharged. After her discharge, she returned to school and work, both full-time. The weight came on slowly over the next 10 years until she was up to 180 pounds. Then Angela and Ron met. Over the past three years while they were dating, she gained an additional 60 pounds. She calls this her happy weight because in those three years of dating, she had never been happier. Angela works at a desk all day. She refuses to even try on the wedding dress she is in love with until some of this weight is gone.


About a month after our engagement, we were blessed with the incredible opportunity to get help from Dr. Oz. We went New York for a short visit and learned all about the filming process. We met Dr. Oz, who is kind and caring. We were surprised to find out that he teamed us up with some coaches and that they were the amazing Chris and Heidi Powell! We were shocked, amazed and awestruck. Chris and Heidi took time to talk to us after filming a bit about our plans and the program we would be following.


When we returned home, honestly we were a little lost. But we tried to hit the ground running with the foods we had in the house and we started carb cycling (a diet alternating between high-carb and low-carb days). Chris and Heidi sent us more details so we could better understand and follow the plan just a day later. When we weighed ourselves just a few days after being with Dr. Oz, we could already see a difference on the scale. Ron was down 9 pounds and Ang was down six. The following week, we didn’t see a change in the scale but we were getting a much better understanding of protein, carbohydrates and fats. During that week we had a Skype conversation with Chris and Heidi and we talked about things other than diet and exercise, like integrity. How often do you make promises and keep them? How often do you make promises to yourself and keep them?


The next week we got news of another incredible opportunity. We were headed to the Extreme Weight Loss Destination Boot Camp in Denver, CO! Chris and Heidi work with Dr. Holly Wyatt there, along with contestants from the Extreme Weight Loss show. We weighed in when we got there and Ron was down another eight pounds and Angela was down three pounds. The week pushed us beyond the limits we thought we had emotionally, mentally and physically. We were able to try new classes like water aerobics, Zumba, Spin class and yoga. We were able to work with trainers to learn about gym equipment as well as attend classes that delved into physiology and psychology. The people we spent this time with are all amazing, and we now have an even larger group of supporters. At the end of the week we had a final weigh-in. Ron was down to 385 and Angela was down to 226. We haven’t seen these numbers since we were on the way up to where we were.

We are energized, motivated and so incredibly thankful for this entire experience!

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