Catarah Tackles the 3-Day Sugar Detox

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

After the Truth Tube is the destination to catch up with your favorite Truth Tube participants and see how their progress is going. Read on to cheer them on and try tips from their plans to improve your own health. 

Hi, my name is Catarah, and I’m addicted to sugar, as well as her friends salt and bread. What can I say, I love flavor and growing up in a Southern home, a shortage of flavor was never an issue. You name it, I pretty much love it. The weight struggle has been my frenemy since I was about 10 years old. I remember comparing my clothing size to my smaller, thinner sisters and friends in the fourth grade! Starting then, I did my best to be the skinny, pretty girl at school or in the neighborhood. That struggle continues 25 years later because eating what I love in moderation had no meaning to me.

This time around I’m the owner of my own successful bakery in Los Angeles, called Southern Girl Desserts, and our desserts are delicious! I know this because I do my best to sample all of them. I mean I’m an owner, I should know how it tastes, right? I had just married the love of my life five weeks prior to receiving the most amazing call from The Dr. Oz Show that would change my life. I had lost a little more than 20 pounds just so that I would look my best in my wedding dress. But only a month after the wedding, I had already begin to gain half the weight back.

Within two weeks of receiving this life-changing call, my business partner, Shoneji, and I were on a plane to New York to admit to the world that we were addicted to sugar! This was big. Our friends and family questioned if this was a good idea. They worried that if we admitted to being addicted to the very product we sold, it would destroy our business. However, Shoneji and I wouldn’t allow that to change our minds. We knew that at that time this was bigger than us and sugar, this was about us being around to run our business within the next 10 to 20 years. We needed a change in our lives, we needed to figure out how to stop the cycle of premature illness and death that has occurred so many times in our families due to unhealthy eating.

Before leaving the show and getting Dr. Fuhrman on our team to mentor us and help us learn better eating habits, he did the unthinkable. He made me get on a scale. I screamed, I had gained all 25 pounds and a bit more back that I had worked so hard to lose before my wedding. Was I surprised? No, but I was in denial. Unlike our customers who visit weekly, I was enjoying our sweets every day. I guess a pie and ice cream diet isn’t the best thing for great abs. But with some encouragement from Dr. Fuhrman, we left New York feeling confident in our decision. Before we could get on the plane, I promised myself one last delicious meal before kicking the habit. I enjoyed a nice glass of red wine, a huge burger and fries. Boy was it good! After that meal, I promised myself that I’d get on track and start cleaning up my diet, just as Dr. Fuhrman had suggested.

Back in L.A. for the first day of our detox, I had my mind set to eat a nice bowl of oatmeal and start my day off right. I’ll be honest, that didn’t happen. I walked into my office and to my surprise it was breakfast burrito day. I realized that I had planned that very day weeks before my quest to change my diet, only to give in and push my start day to the following day. That jolted me back into reality and I knew it was going to take a lot more than making my mind up to do this right. I needed support, I needed the right tools and I needed them now. For the remainder of the week, I used the excuse that I had not received the books Dr. Fuhrman was sending us to get started. I figured if I don’t know better, I can’t do better. So I used that excuse to eat whatever I wanted for the rest of that week.  I enjoyed brunch with my girls, delicious mimosas, a burger, hot wings and even sneaked a small piece of carrot cake out of the bakery. I didn’t want to be a bad influence in front of Shoneji because she was already doing so well. That last week was almost like my finale, my good-bye to my first love! In my brain, how I interacted with the food I loved for so long was coming to end! I really felt like I was losing something special.  I was sad! I actually felt a bit guilty for how I was behaving. My partner in crime had her stuff together and I was still afraid to give up what I considered “the joy of eating.”

During the second week I received my package from Dr. Fuhrman. It contained a cookbook, his End of Dieting best-seller and a case of DVDs from his PBS special. I also received my results from the InBody Testing which were not pretty. My reluctancy to invite change slowly started to sway once I found out how bad of shape I was in. So I started to get excited about reversing my way of thinking and my diet. I decided to choose my recipes from his book that I could possibly enjoy and started there, I also eliminated sugar from my diet, and wow that was hard, but I did it and I’m still keeping strong. During that week, I will admit that the temptations were there, but I avoided them and remained focus. I was surprised to hear from Dr. Fuhrman who actually gave us homework and requested a diary every four to five days. Talk about pressure! I had no choice but to do well. I couldn’t look like a failure, I always welcomed a challenge. I by no means have been perfect, but I am 100% better than where I started and I’m onboard to give this new lifestyle a fighting chance and commit myself to preventing the cycle of illness and death that has inflicted itself on my family for so many years. The change has started with me and I’m not giving up. It’s on and I’m bring my husband and along with me!

Make your own healthy change! Try Dr. Fuhrman’s sugar detox plan as well as his recipes for healthy chocolate cake and apple crunch pie.