How Cathy Healed Her Stomach Issues

Stomach problem

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I’ve struggled with digestion issues for many years and having been to several doctors who couldn’t pinpoint the problem, I came up with my own solution – not to eat (or carry baby wipes). A questionable solution, considering I love to both cook and eat, plus I want to be healthy. When I contacted Dr. Oz, who brought in specialist Dr. Hyman, I was thrilled to learn there was a solution.

While on the show, Dr. Hyman had mentioned a few foods that I didn’t realize were a problem and a few that I had grown suspicious of such as soy, eggs and peanuts. He had recommended removing the foods from my diet and then reintroducing them in order to see what my body was sensitive too. Initially I thought the 10-day diet plan would be hard because foods that seemed ubiquitous such as grains and dairy were not an option, but with a little help it was actually pretty easy. Dr. Hyman provided me with some reading materials on the process and also put me in touch with an on staff dietician who was able to walk me through it. The dietitian helped me figure out what foods I should be eating, what foods I should avoid and what supplements I should be taking. With a little planning, the meals were delicious, quick to whip up and it gave me a reason to learn some new tricks in the kitchen.


One of my go-to meals was a veggie and protein stir-fry, usually chicken or shrimp. I started making it as I normally had until I got to the part where I add soy sauce and realized that I couldn’t use that. A little garlic and chili quickly fixed that flavor problem, but I also learned that gluten-free tamari or coconut aminos are great substitutes for soy sauce. Other meals included fish with veggies, salads, smoothies, soups, chicken, etc. These were all things I was used to eating but now I was leaving out a few things I used to eat them with. It also helped that my husband was supportive throughout the process and was fine doing the diet with me.

I felt great doing the diet, but there were a few challenges. For example, one day I had a work event that ran late and by the time I got home, cooking was out of the question, so my husband and I decided to get takeout. I immediately thought of sushi, which is one of my favorite foods, but since I couldn’t eat rice I ordered sashimi instead. Without the rice or soy sauce, the sashimi was bland so I decided to make my own version of sushi using avocados instead of rice with a little sriracha. I also added a plate of broccoli and peppers sautéed in coconut oil, in order to complete the meal. It took all of five minutes and dinner was served. Another challenge was that I wasn’t used to eating as much as the diet required because the food usually made me sick, so I had to train myself to start eating more. Breakfast was hard because normally I don’t have my first meal until noon and it’s always a small snack like a yogurt or apple with nuts, but the dietitian reinforced what Dr. Oz has probably said on-air a million times- you should eat within an hour of waking up. It wasn’t natural for me but by the end of the diet I had regulated my body’s eating schedule and I was glad that was back to normal.

Supplements were another big part of changing my lifestyle. I started taking a high-quality vegetarian probiotic in order to help me with digestion as well as a zinc supplement and a multivitamin. This was a challenge because I don’t like taking pills, and part of the reason is because of the powdery taste it leaves on my tongue, but I learned that I could add the supplements to my smoothies so I wouldn’t taste it.


Overall, the process provided me with insight as to what was going on with my digestive system and gave me some guidance on how to manage the problem effectively. I’m still working with the medical team on reintroducing the foods and setting up regular follow-ups, but I’m thankful that Dr. Oz, Dr. Hyman, and their teams were able to help find a solution for me.

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