How Lorine Learned to Take Care of Herself


After the Truth Tube is the destination to catch up with your favorite Truth Tube participants and see how their progress is going. Read on to cheer them on and try tips from their plans to improve your own health.

After I lost my mom in 2012 I felt, in retrospect, that I did not do enough with her toward the end. I worked too much and did not spend as much time just being with her and taking care of her before she died. Since then I lost myself, always worrying about others and worried that if I lost my loved ones I would feel bad if I did not take the best care of them as humanly possible, especially my dad and my children. I realized that I needed help finding balance and taking care of myself. If I do not take care of myself by visiting the doctor, eating right, exercising and getting plenty of sleep, then I will be no good to anyone now or in the future.

Since being on The Dr. Oz Show and meeting Mel Robbins, I have become better at achieving that balance. I have a structured life in terms of work, visits to my dad, going to the gym, buying healthy foods, planning healthy meals and organizing my busy life.


I have given up processed foods, junk foods and convenience meals and have replaced those with whole, nutrient-dense, real protein sources and high-quality foods and vegetables. I have removed simple sugars and most white flour and simple starches from my diet. Now, I choose a sweet potato instead of pasta, black rice instead of white, an avocado versus a less healthy fat, eggs instead of pancakes, nuts instead of a sugary dessert and so forth.

Before going on the show, I lost more than 30 pounds and have dropped 10 more since the airing of The Dr. Oz Show. So many exciting things are coming up in the future. I turn 50 in 2015; I’ll earn my bachelor’s degree in English and will be planning three weddings. Yes, my three children have found their soul mates and plans are in the process of making those relationships permanent. My husband and I also have four grandchildren who live in Virginia Beach and are very much looking forward to seeing them more, as well as our other son who lives in Hawaii. That trip is on my bucket list if and when funds permit.


I have organized my life to take care of my dad, assist my children, assist my husband, be a good colleague to my coworkers and still find time for myself. This is an exciting journey and I am looking forward to where this path is taking me.

Labor Day of 2015 I plan to run a half-marathon in Virginia Beach. I hope to reconnect with Dr. Oz to show everyone that I will achieve all of my goals for 2015!

We really can have it all, and don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise!

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