How Maribel Stopped Obsessing Over the Scale


After the Truth Tube is the destination to catch up with your favorite Truth Tube participants and see how their progress is going. Read on to cheer them on and try tips from their plans to improve your own health.

The scale is a funny thing. See, on January 1st of this year, I started a weight-loss challenge as a part of my New Year’s resolution. I went to a boot camp class three to four times a week and started eating healthier. I was weighing myself every single morning. I was slowly seeing the numbers on the scale go down, and after a month I hit my 10-pound weight-loss mark. I was happy! It wasn’t coming off as quickly as I’d like of course, but 10 pounds is 10 pounds. But instead of continuing to work hard, what do I do? I started slacking. I was visibly starting to see small changes happening to my body, but the number on the scale wasn’t what I wanted it to be for a month of working hard. So whether I lose or I gain on the scale it seems I always find a way to sabotage my hard work. This made me wonder: Is the scale really the best way to measure my success?

I’ve been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember. I remember being 10 years old and already being self-conscious. By the time I hit high school I weighed 165 pounds, which for someone who is only 5’1” was considered overweight. That’s when I began obsessing over the scale.

Being on the show with Dr. Oz and Ted Spiker was a wake-up call for me. It made me realize that the weight on my shoulders was much heavier than the weight on the scale. I need to stop focusing on the numbers and focus more on my health and the choices I’m making. How different would my life be if it didn’t revolve around the scale? Could I actually be more successful? Ted suggested that I weigh myself only once in the beginning; two weeks out and then months later when I can see I’ve lost a lot of weight. So the next morning after I was on the show was the last time I weighed myself. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve been tempted on many occasions, but I stop by reminding myself that the numbers are not what matter. Those numbers do not measure my success!

Dr. Oz and Ted both said that losing weight and keeping it off is about making healthy lifestyle changes. Which at this point I think everyone knows. However, if you are like me you want to go all in or not at all. In other words, I want to make all the changes at once. But what happens? I get overwhelmed with too many changes and start to cave. Once I mess up with one thing, it all spirals down from there. In my own head I’ve failed and I give up. Before I know it, I’m back to where I started. Dr. Oz and Ted showed me 10 health and fitness suggestions and asked me to pick three that I felt I could begin doing. The three I picked were no eating after 8:00 p.m., no carbs past noon and strength training. Knowing that I only have to make a few changes to start did not seem so intimidating. I picked those because they would be easy seeing as I was already doing them. Since then, I’ve decided to change my choices. I feel like I’d be cheating myself by doing what I found to be comfortable, and we all see how that’s worked for me in the past! So I decided to pick three different suggestions, ones I know I’d really have to start working on: fiber-filled snacks, walking 10,000 steps and eliminating processed foods.


So far I’ve been very successful with eating more fiber-filled snacks such as fruits and oatmeal. I’m also making myself try new foods and am playing around with new recipes (like the spaghetti squash above). I’ve been doing pretty good with staying away from most processed food, not 100% but compared to before my eating habits are way better. What I am having a difficult time with is getting my 10,000 steps in every day. I thought having a somewhat physical job as a massage therapist would help me get enough steps, but my tracker says otherwise. So I’ve started finding ways to get more steps in, such as parking my car further in parking lots, taking the stairs and using my elliptical again. I’m making it a point to step it up (literally)! I am ready to reach the finish line this time. I am taking it one day at a time. I’d like to thank Dr. Oz and Ted Spiker for giving me the motivation and the tools to continue my hard work. I am really looking forward to further working with Ted and being able to come back and show everyone a new me!

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