How Natalie Broke Her Binge-Eating Habit


After the Truth Tube is the destination to catch up with your favorite Truth Tube participants and see how their progress is going. Read on to cheer them on and try tips from their plans to improve your own health.

I have been home for almost two weeks now. I left the show hopeful and encouraged, yet two days later I was overwhelmed and confused. I didn’t know where to begin, and I was stuck in the same old routine and environment that had started my binge eating. I admit that I did make cookies and a few other snacks for the family. I caught myself and as difficult as it was for me, I threw them away!

About six days after meeting with Dr. Oz and Dr. Wade, something finally hit me. I filled my secret snack drawer with my bible, journal and a notebook. I didn’t want to set myself up for failure anymore.


Our family sat down together and discussed what healthy snacks we could substitute for the sugary foods we were eating. The kids really enjoyed giving their input; I was so encouraged just by their enthusiasm! I was already feeling like I was listening to my kids better and rebuilding a stable foundation for them.

Instead of after bringing the kids home from school, the kids getting their snack while I begin my evening chores and prepare dinner, the kids and I try to sit together and discuss anything eventful that happened in their day. The kids even ask how my day has been.

I’ve had a gym membership for several years now and I actually love working out. In the last six months however, I have really slacked on my efforts to work out. So I’ve started getting myself back to the gym and stopped sulking in my own mess. I am exhausted when I go to bed, but I know that I feel better about myself and that it is worth it in the end.


After months of not being able to stomach the dreaded scale, I decided I would go back to weighing myself once a week, first thing in the morning, the same day every week. I stepped on the scale just before the show. I expected the results. This morning I stepped on the scale and while I was scared, I was also hopeful. It turns out I am down five pounds–I’ll take it!

I am feeling more hopeful instead of hopeless. I am trying to improve my habits, choices and moods. Before this entire experience began, I was trying to be okay with feeling content in my own misery. Now I’m learning how to live happier.

To those who are not able to meet with all of the professionals and doctors they want to, I would recommend trying counseling. Find a person who you feel safe with to open up and let it all out. If that is too much for you, remember to keep faith and keep hope. Look deep inside and figure out where all of the chaos started in your life. If the only thing you can do for yourself is to write a nice note to yourself that day, then do it! Try to change your way of thinking and don’t be so hard on yourself.

I thought eating through my feelings would be the best way to put aside my own issues and be a great mother. I didn’t want to sulk in my own pity of where I had been and what I had been through early on in my life, I wanted to focus on my kids and make sure they were not going to be set up for failure. Instead, I realize I was setting them up for failure. I avoided my own feelings when I really needed to face my demons and make myself healthy so that I could be the best role model for my kids that I could ever dream of being.


I knew my health and my kids were the entire reason that I stepped out of every comfort zone I had built and gone on the show. I know this is going to be a long road ahead of me, but I’m thrilled to already see results. In a matter of two weeks, the kids and I are closer. We eat snacks together, and they feel important and heard. Aside from losing weight, I have gained hope again. I am truly feeling joy in my life, and I have made it six days without binge eating. I have so much more work to do and can’t wait to see the results and what my future holds.

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