How Sheriff Don Got His Health Back


After the Truth Tube is the destination to catch up with your favorite Truth Tube participants and see how their progress is going. Read on to cheer them on and try tips from their plans to improve your own health.

Several weeks ago I began this journey to lose weight and improve my fitness level. Many of you out there have shared your experiences to encourage and inspire me, and they have. As with any journey there are always bumps along the way. I have had pains and soreness, I have wanted to quit for a few days or a week, but I haven’t yet. I push myself harder than most people ever will. I have been that way as long as I can remember. Sometimes my friends, coworkers and family have called it being stubborn, but I knew what they meant.

Outside of pushing myself through Marine boot camp, I don’t think I have ever turned my willpower on by myself. It is a harsh mistress indeed. There have been days where I wanted to desperately get in my recliner and not worry about my steps for the day. There are days when I want to veer off into the Doughnut Shop, or the fried chicken joint, but I keep telling myself that those things have only gotten me only a few moments of satisfaction, and weeks of lamenting about how I look. So instead I go grab an apple, yogurt or other healthy snack and experience the satisfaction that I am stronger than food! I have lazy tendencies but I’m not lazy! Only if I allow myself to be those things can I be identified as being lazy or weak. If I leap up right then and go walk or have a healthy snack I can defeat those temptations.

I tell myself that I have enjoyed great Southern foods and steaks, but they have not brought me any lasting happiness. Do you know what really does bring me happiness? Getting on the scale today, again and again and seeing that I have broken the 300-pound mark, landing on 292! I cannot remember a time when I was that small, at least not in the last six or seven years. Is it hard work? Yup! Are there times when I want to quit? Yup! But no horse ever won a race that he didn’t enter. In other words, you will never do it either if you don’t try. Last, I want to tell you that I have some great help: my loving wife, Melissa, and Dr. Roizen. Find a supporter or drag a friend along so you can experience the joy of accomplishment. Until next time I see y’all, bye-bye!

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