Janie Learns How to Heal Her Stress


After the Truth Tube is the destination to catch up with your favorite Truth Tube participants and see how their progress is going. Read on to cheer them on and try tips from their plans to improve your own health.

My time since taping has been great. I have been busy and stressed, however that has given me the opportunity to try to use the tools I am learning and continue to learn from Dr. Steinbaum. I immediately implemented the breathing exercise that Dr. Steinbaum taught me on the show and was surprised to find how easy it is and that it actually works! I suggest trying it yourself if you need to. I have not been very good at putting things aside that I can’t change, but I am determined to learn to do that. Dr. Steinbaum and I spoke again about putting things into perspective and putting down what I can’t change. It is a bad habit and I just have to learn to change it.

I have also been journaling and that is very cool. I write it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. I have put some inspirational words and thoughts on sticky notes on my bathroom mirror and taken down the “to-do” sticky notes that I usually put up. I love the words of motivation; they are great to see. It might seem a little silly; however if you did it, you would know what I mean. It makes you smile and they are good reminders of what is important. Here is a thought: If my girlfriend came to me with some of the things that worry her, I would tell her to slow down and breathe because it will all be okay. If I can honestly tell my friend that, then I can do that for myself, too. I can fully implement the things Dr. Steinbaum is teaching me and live a fuller, more relaxed life. My boys are doing great, and my job is stable. I may have a different schedule than most people, but I have the cool opportunity to meet the neatest people and make a difference in someone’s day.   

I have stopped drinking as much pop as I was, and I have noticed a difference in my appetite. I thought I was going to have trouble not drinking it, but cutting it down has been easier than I thought. I suggest drinking less pop if you are having similar issues to mine. I am also trying to snack less at home, though I haven’t quite nailed that at work yet. We have started a food log, so I am looking forward to even more physical changes. I recently turned 42, and a goal this year will be to exercise regularly. (Related: I found a zit today, that is not fair at my age!) 

I have a few other goals on top of exercising: first, allowing myself to breathe! I also plan to give myself a break, completely change how we eat at home and how I eat at work, not be worried if people are upset with me, sleep all night, run a half-marathon, write a book, keep learning to golf, and a fun goal is go on a cruise.

The changes in my lifestyle will change the way I feel stressed and the physical issues such as headaches, sleeping, stomachaches and of course my dreaded restroom issues. I have been feeling embarrassed about sharing that piece. As I have talked to people about the show, I have learned more people than I thought have issues with that. I am hoping that by sharing even the difficult things, other people will be able to relate with my situation and learn from the great things I am learning from this and implement them into their own lives.

Simplify your life! Try Dr. Steinbaum’s full plan to heal your stress and evaluate your own stress level with this stress questionnaire.