Joanne Halts Her Supplement Addiction


After the Truth Tube is the destination to catch up with your favorite Truth Tube participants and see how their progress is going. Read on to cheer them on and try tips from their plans to improve your own health.

I’m Joanne Patterson, a single mother. As many of you know, trying to get the through the day maintaining my health and a high level of energy is a lot of work. I started taking supplements as a way to stay energized and  boost my immune system. Not to mention to keep up with my four wonderful children!

What started out as one or two supplements a day has increased to 17 supplements a day. This quickly became not only expensive, but time consuming as well. I realized I needed to break the addiction. After meeting with Dr. Dow and starting his 28-day plan, I feel like I’m on the right path, swapping supplements for healthy foods. My new diet includes foods like kale, broccoli and almonds. This enables me to get my B12, zinc and the vitamin C I need for energy and to stay healthy.


So far, this has been surprisingly easy. I actually feel more energetic and healthier now than I did while taking supplements. I’m down to taking about six supplements a day, and there is already less of a strain on my wallet. What I found to be the most difficult was breaking the routine I had of sorting the supplements out to prepare for the week, because it became a habit. Now, I’ve replaced my old Sunday-night routine with Sunday-night yoga that I do with my daughter.

I’m still a work in progress, but I found that this new healthy eating plan of Dr. Dow’s has had a wonderful side effect: losing weight, as well as getting healthy. I’ve even created a few recipes that the family and I love that include the superfoods containing vitamin D, B12, zinc and vitamin C. Thanks to our new healthy lifestyle, the children and I are happy and healthy.

Power up your diet! Try Dr. Dow’s plan to break supplement addiction.