Barbara Ficarra RN, BSN, MPA

Barbara Ficarra RN, BSN, MPA

Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA, is founder of, award-winning broadcast journalist and a featured writer for The Huffington Post.  She is an editorial advisory board member and health educator at Sharecare. Barbara is an international speaker and she is on the front lines of health care as a registered nurse and  leading voice in health offering practical advice for consumers and health care professionals. Focusing on health and wellness, she delivers her trademark brand of advice which is simple, practical and trustworthy information to help people take charge of their health.  Barbara focuses on patient engagement and empowerment, health care social media, health IT, digital technology, (mHealth-mobile health, gamification, telemedicine), doctor|nurse team and healthy living.

Barbara began her broadcasting career in radio as creator, host and executive producer of the award-winning Health in 30® radio show which brought listeners the latest health information and featured renowned health and wellness guest experts. (A new radio show under development.)  Barbara is a contributor to many health sites, is frequently quoted and featured by numerous media outlets, and has appeared on FOX News Live.

She served as faculty for the American Medical Association’s former Medical Communications Conferences, has taught classes in media broadcasting, and is a team member for one of TEDMED’s 20 Great Challenges, Improving Medical Communication.

Currently she is president of Barbara Ficarra Productions, LLC, and is a consultant, moderator on panels and webinars, and media trainer. She speaks internationally on healthcare issues, focusing on professional development, patient engagement and empowerment, social media, and digital technology, including mHealth (mobile health), gamification, health apps, telemedicine and telehealth, leveraging her experience as former senior director of clinical affairs for a telehealth company.

Barbara is also an administrative supervisor at a large university medical center, where she covers multiple medical and surgical units, critical care, oncology, cardiology, the psychiatric unit, women’s and children’s services and the emergency trauma department. She always encourages patients and their families to be proactive and to take charge of their health.

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