Corey J. Hebert, MD

Corey J. Hebert, MD

Dr. Corey Hebert is one of the most renowned physicians practicing medicine in the United States today.  His travels across the country and around the globe have connected him to thousands of people as both a healer and a motivator, all the while practicing both Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at Tulane University Medical Center, which is where he also completed residency.

Dr. Hebert is one of the most sought after speakers in his field. A graduate of Morehouse College, he is a highly regarded medical broadcast journalist, working as on-air medical editor for the NBC television affiliate in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, as well as a frequent contributor to  The Dr. Oz Show.  He is also a current contributor to the Discovery Channel’s How Stuff Works television show. Dr. Hebert is the host of an extremely popular weekly radio talk show on the Cumulus Broadcasting Network, called “Doctor for the People” in which he answers health questions live on the air from listeners tuned in across the country.

Dr. Hebert has a very unique charm which allows him to talk to urban youth and chairmen of boards with the same level of acceptance and respect. This is an extremely difficult balancing act, which is what separates him from so many others in his fields of pursuit. Dr. Hebert is the Chief Executive Officer of Black Health Television, Inc. which is the only academically based health information website for African Americans in the world.

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