Courtney Dunlop

Courtney Dunlop

Courtney Dunlop is a beauty and health editor/writer living in New York City. She is the Executive Editor for YouBeauty, a website created by Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen to explore the science of beauty. Previously, she has worked as a beauty editor for Jane and Marie Claire magazines, and has written for magazines such as Self, Allure and Real Simple.

5 Ways to Get Rid of ‘Chicken Skin’

It’s shorts and sleeveless season – and that means about 40% of us will notice hard little (occasionally itchy) bumps scattered on our arms, shoulders, backs, butts or thighs. The…

woman applying hair conditioner

Hair in the Drain: Should You Be Concerned?

So, you’re finding clumps of hair clogging up the drain at the end of your showers? This is totally normal and you probably have no need to worry. As hair cycles…

little boy applying sunscreen

Are You Washing Off Your Sunscreen the Right Way?

If you know what’s good for you, you slather on sunscreen every time you even think about stepping outside. But at the end of the day, your focus should be…

Young Woman Enjoying On Beach

4 Tricks to Stay Acne-Free This Summer

Those gloriously long, sunny summer days have one nasty drawback: the breakouts that sweat and sweltering temps provoke. And as if facial acne isn’t bad enough, body bumps on the chest, back…

Face cream woman

Get the Best Results From Your Retin-A

If there’s a grand taskmaster in skincare, it’s the class of ingredients known as retinoids. These derivatives of vitamin A, often referred to as the brand name Retin-A, do it all….

Sunbathing girl

3 Weird Places You Have Sun Damage

There you are, living your life and so proud that you’ve gotten into the habit of using daily sunscreen, when one day you look down and, Wuhhhhhh? Are those sun…

Woman caring of her beautiful skin on the face

One Simple Step to Keep Crow’s Feet Away

Do you want to look younger, longer? (OK, is there really anyone out there who doesn’t?) If you want to keep the hands of time from ticking, it’s critical to…


Skin-Smoothing Turmeric Facial Mask Recipe from Bali

The island of Bali in Indonesia has been a tourist haven for decades, known for its gorgeous beaches and indulgent spas. One of the main ingredients in Balinese food is…

Face cream moisturizer on white

How to Keep Your Body Skin Looking Young

If you’re like us, you have a gunky body scrub sitting in the shower that hasn’t been uncapped in a long time. (We won’t ask how long if you don’t!)…

Tired Girl

Makeup Tricks to Look More Awake

After months on end of a demanding job, family responsibilities, travel and just life, one day you realize that you look tired All. The. Time. The best way to change this…