Courtney Dunlop

Courtney Dunlop

Courtney Dunlop is a beauty and health editor/writer living in New York City. She is the Executive Editor for YouBeauty, a website created by Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen to explore the science of beauty. Previously, she has worked as a beauty editor for Jane and Marie Claire magazines, and has written for magazines such as Self, Allure and Real Simple.

businessman with an itchy arm

4 Ways to Stop Itchy Skin

Itching may seem like nature’s way of driving you mad, but the sensation was actually designed to keep you safe. The urge is just your skin demanding attention to help…

young attractive woman correcting eyebrow over blue background

DIY Tips to Groom Your Brows Like a Pro

Brows seem so innocent, but good grooming can instantly transform your face, making your eyes look younger and more awake. But if you’re going to shape your brows at home,…

examination of the skin

What Really Works on Blackheads?

We’ve all experienced them at one point in our lives, and for some of us it’s an everyday battle. A blackhead forms when dead skin cells and oil cling together to create…

African American Woman Drinking Cup of Coffee or Tea

The Single Easiest Way to Get Whiter (Looking) Teeth

There’s nothing like a mouth full of pearly whites to boost your confidence and plant a big smile on your face. Sparkling white teeth are a sign of youth and…

Set of black make-up brushes in row

Apply Blush Like a Pro

Blush is a very underrated product. When applied correctly, blush instantly perks up a tired complexion and shaves years off your face! Why? Rosy cheeks are a sign of health…

healthy face

3 Reasons Your Moisturizer Isn’t Working

Yes, it’s March, but winter is still roaring like a lion in most parts of the country, and that likely means your skin is having a hydration freak-out. If you’ve…

Woman applying mascara

Why Does Mascara End Up Under Your Eyes?

The cause of your problem, like so many that we women face, is probably gravity. What you’re seeing is not flaking, which is a common problem when the polymers that…

Face cream woman

Skincare Combos That Boost Anti-Aging Benefits

Some combinations yield a final product that’s better than each individual ingredient on its own (think peanut butter and jelly or Affleck and Damon). The same is true for skincare…

Montreal in winter

Winter Eczema Survival Guide

While frosty months have us enjoying hot cocoa and roaring fires, there’s another wintry tradition that is far less fun: eczema. Icy temps often kickstart this common condition that affects…

Woman caring of her beautiful skin on the face

Please Don’t DIY Your Cleansing Oil

Making something with your own hands feels good and gives you an appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in making other products. But in some cases, it’s bet to leave it…