Donna Cardillo, RN, MA, CSP

Donna Cardillo, RN, MA, CSP

Donna Cardillo is a registered nurse with more than 30 years of diverse health care experience. Donna is considered a thought leader on the role nurses play in health care in the present and in the future. She is the author of Falling Together: How to Find Balance, Joy, and Meaningful Change When Your Life Seems to be Falling Apart; The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses, Your 1st Year as a Nurse, and A Daybook for Beginning Nurses.

Known as The Inspiration Nurse, Donna is the original “Dear Donna” columnist at and the former Health Careers Expert at For over 20 years she has been traveling the world speaking at health care, nursing, business, and women’s conferences, helping individuals to be happy and healthy and to reach their full potential. Donna is a fierce advocate for health care consumers and family caregivers (her husband has multiple sclerosis), and strives to help consumers navigate their way through a complex and often confusing health care system. To learn more about Donna, go to

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