Dr. Rita Beckford, MD

Dr. Rita Beckford, MD

Author of The Beckford Formula, Lose The Fat For Good! A Weight Loss Manual for Families and creator/host of Home With Dr. B, a fitness and weight loss DVD for beginners, Dr. Rita Beckford, M.D. is a highly sought-after media correspondent, wellness consultant, and keynote speaker. In addition to helping thousands of patients lose weight in the office with only nutrition and exercise, she personally has lost and kept off 80 lbs, making her an unrivaled authority on weight loss.

Board Certified in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine, Dr. Beckford received her Doctorate of Medicine at the Case Western University School of Medicine and has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Northwestern University. Double certified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, she is a national spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. As a professional member of the prestigious Speaker’s Association, Dr. Beckford speaks all over the world empowering people everywhere to lead healthier, happier and successful lives.

When Dr. Beckford is not speaking, conducting exercise classes, or seeing patients, she can be found traveling with her family, creating healthy dishes in the kitchen, reading inspirational books, or relaxing at a spa.

She is ecstatically married to her medical school sweetheart and Harvard graduate Dr. Ian G. Beckford, M.D. co-author of the Beckford Formula, Weight Loss Manual for Families. They have two intelligent and handsome sons, Kenneth Jordan and Kyle Jordan. They reside in the Atlanta, Georgia.


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