Elisabeth Leamy

Elisabeth Leamy

Elisabeth Leamy joined the Dr. Oz show in 2013 as a consumer and investigative correspondent.  Her mission is twofold: to delve deeper into medical topics that impact you and your health and to find you ways to save money on your medical care.  Elisabeth thrives on tips from viewers like you.  You can get in touch with her via her Facebook page.

One of Elisabeth’s first investigations for the show was about the little-known risks of LASIK eye surgery.  Elisabeth took a hidden camera undercover to see whether LASIK centers revealed the risks.  For one of her money-saving stories, Elisabeth found a family of four nearly $40,000 in savings on their prescription medications.

Prior to her work with Dr. Oz, Elisabeth was the Consumer Correspondent for ABC News.  reporting for Good Morning America, World News, Nightline and 20/20.  Her series, “Show Me the Money,” reunited people with nearly $2 million worth of unclaimed money.  Elisabeth’s Nightline investigation, “Collecting from the Collectors” was the most-read feature on ABC’s website in 2012, with more than 9.5 million page views.  In 2010, ABC tapped Elisabeth to conduct an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama about the new Wall Street Reform and Consumer Financial Protection Act.

Elisabeth is the author of two books.  Her most recent is “Save Big: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands” (Wiley, 2010).  “Save Big” shows readers strategies for saving at least $1,000 at a time, and includes an entire section on cutting healthcare costs.   Elisabeth’s first book was  “The Savvy Consumer: How To Avoid Scams and Rip-Offs That Cost You Time and Money” (Capital Books, 2004).

Today, Elisabeth is also a popular speaker, giving presentations nationwide about “How to Make the Media Pay Attention to Your Pitch,” “How to Save BIG –Without GIving Up Your Daily Latte” and “How to Fake It ‘Til You Make It In A Cut-Throat Career.”  She offers daily tips on all of these topics via her Twitter feed.

As she worked her way up in television news, Elisabeth spent time at local stations in Washington, DC, Tampa, FL and Bakersfield, CA, winning 13 Emmy awards along the way.  Elisabeth got her Master’s in journalism from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s in mass communications and rhetoric (!) from The University of California at Berkeley.

Elisabeth grew up in Marin County, California and now lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and young daughter.  Her (latest) goal in life is to fill half her plate with fruits and vegetables –just like Dr. Oz told her!


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