Dr. Joseph Cilona

Dr. Joseph Cilona

Dr. Cilona is a licensed clinical psychologist, executive and personal coach, author, and nationally recognized psychology expert based in Manhattan. Dr. Cilona is also the expert psychologist on the hit series Married At First Sight on the A&E television network. Dr. Cilona’s sought-after expert advice and commentary on psychology, pop culture, current events, and the latest research appears regularly in over 100 national and international print and online media, including Newsweek, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, Associated Press, Huffington Post, New York magazine, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Real Simple, Health Magazine, among others.

As an author, Dr. Cilona developed inventive psychotherapeutic techniques by integrating the messages of Kahlil Gibran’s 1923 classic book The Prophet into therapy.  His own book The Path: Life Explained in 100 Pages (Catalyst Books, 2007) is based on that work, and features favorite text quotes chosen by diverse notables such as Former President Jimmy Carter, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, Dr. Jack Kevorkian and Naomi Campbell.

Dr. Cilona’s formal education and training include a doctorate in clinical psychology and an additional graduate degree in medical science from Boston University. With this background he provides unique and holistic insight stemming from both psychological and biomedical perspectives. He has extensive experience working in diverse settings as a clinician, consultant and program developer.

Dr. Cilona’s work as a clinical psychologist included psycho-diagnostic and assessment training with the prestigious Isaac Ray Center, which has handled such high-profile cases as John Hinckley after his attempted assassination of former President Reagan.

In addition to his work with private clients, Dr. Cilona continues to devote significant professional time to working in the public health system, as he has throughout his career. In that arena, his work directly serves underprivileged youth, individuals and families, as well as the chronically mentally ill. He was active for six years with the Chicago Department of Public Health, and most recently, worked with the NYC Administration for Children’s Services and the New York City Mission Society to develop and implement a pilot program for high-risk inner-city teens and their families in Harlem.

For more information, please visit DrCilona.com.

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