Kate Geagan MS, RD

Kate Geagan MS, RD

One of America's most recognized nutritionists, Kate Geagan is an award-winning registered dietitian who has helped millions fall in love with healthier food choices that powerfully nourish their lives. She is the author of Go Green Get Lean: Trim Your Waistline With the Ultimate Low-Carbon Footprint Diet (Rodale). A motivational speaker, author, columnist and consultant, Kate's work is driven by a simple purpose: to help people reclaim their health and rediscover their most valuable asset – their own personal energy.

As America’s Green Nutritionist™ Kate is one of the nation's leading experts on sustainable diets that are the very foundation of both a healthier body and planet. She has organized and presented workshops for health professionals both in the US and abroad on how health care can support sustainable food systems and drive lasting change. She has made numerous appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, helping viewers transform their relationship with food in a delicious and doable way.

For more than a decade, Kate has facilitated nutrition programs at some of America’s leading companies and organizations, including GE Aircraft, Sun Microsystems, Reebok International, Goldman Sachs, the Yankee Candle Company, Honeywell, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Kaiser Permanente, the American Dietetic Association, Boston Scientific Corporation, Citistreet, Amgen Pharmaceuticals, Young President’s Organization (YPO), Tufts Health Plan, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Kate currently serves as the Nutrition Contributor for Pregnancy magazine. 

To learn more about Kate, visit her website at www.kategeagan.com.

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