Mao Shing Ni, PhD, D.O.M., Dipl. ABAAHP

Mao Shing Ni, PhD, D.O.M., Dipl. ABAAHP

Dr. Mao Shing Ni, bestselling author of Secrets of Longevity, is a 38th-generation doctor of Chinese medicine and the leading authority in Taoist anti-aging medicine and longevity. Dr. Mao is cofounder of the Tao of Wellness, the acclaimed center for Chinese medicine, nutrition, and acupuncture, and founder of The Natural Health Search Engine. In addition, he is cofounder of Yo San University.

Dr. Mao was born into a medical family spanning 38 generations and started his medical training with his father, a renowned physician of Chinese medicine and Taoist Master, and continued his trainings in schools both in the US and China. After receiving his doctorate degrees and completing his PhD Dissertation on Nutrition, Dr. Mao did his graduate work at Shanghai Medical University and its affiliated hospitals and began his 25-year study of centenarians in China. He is currently a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Society of Integrative Oncology, and the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Mao has received numerous awards, having been named “outstanding Acupuncturist of the Year” by Samata International  and “Best of LA” by Los Angeles Magazine. He has written several books, including Secrets of Self-HealingSecond Spring: Hundreds of Natural Secrets for WomenSecrets of Longevity 8-Week Program, and The Natural Health Dictionary. Known on Sex and the City as “Dr. Wow,” Dr. Mao has lectured internationally and has been featured on radio and television, as well as on the pages of the New York TimesLA Times, and many other publications. He is the longevity expert on Yahoo! Health and The Huffington Post.

Dr. Maos Secrets of Longevity Cookbook: Eat to Thrive, Live Long, and Be Healthy

The simple philosophy of Secrets of Longevity Cookbook is that by following the dietary wisdom of centenarians, we can initiate self-healing within ourselves, enjoy life more in the present, and achieve longevity in the future. There are over 80 delicious recipes which have "secret healing powers" selected from centenarians around the world. With a focus on using fresh foods that have specific health benefits and longevity properties, Dr. Mao highlights signature ingredients specific to each dish and provides an overview discussing the food’s particular health benefits. Try these recipes and you will see a difference in your energy and heath!

Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of Ways to Live to Be 100 

Bestselling Secrets of Longevity – which sold over 200,000 copies in 15 translations and is now available on Kindle – is full of surprising, all-natural ideas for living a longer, healthier life, happier. As a 38th-generation doctor specializing in longevity, Dr. Mao Shing Ni brings together simple and unusual ways to live longer in this beautifully designed, chunky paperback, putting at the fingertips a host of proven ways to make anyone’s stay on earth much, much happier.

The Natural Health Dictionary: Your Comprehensive A-to-Z Guide for Healing with Herbs, Nutrition, Supplements, and Secret Remedies

The Natural Health Dictionary is for anyone who wants to take control of his or her self-knowledge to live a long, happy life in peak condition. This book simplifies the natural health basics – and it’s on Kindle, so it goes wherever you go. The Natural Health Dictionary unlocks the secrets of the natural world for you, revealing at a glance the hundreds of healing herbs, foods, nutrients, vitamins, and traditional remedies that preserve your health and defend you from disease.

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