Mehmet Oz, MD

Mehmet Oz, MD

Dr. Oz has won six-time Daytime Emmy® Awards for “The Dr. Oz Show” and is Professor of Surgery at Columbia University. His research interests include heart replacement surgery, minimally invasive surgery, alternative medicine and health care policy. He has authored over 400 original publications, book chapters, and medical books, has received numerous patents, and participates in more than 50 heart surgeries per year. He also hosts the internationally syndicated “Daily Dose” in 134 radio markets, a newspaper column in 175 markets internationally, and has a magazine “The Good Life”,which was voted the hottest new publication in 2014.

Dr. Oz was born in Cleveland, Ohio, raised in Delaware and received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University (1982) and obtained a joint MD and MBA (1986) from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton Business School. He was awarded the Captain’s Athletic Award for leadership in college and elected Class President twice followed by President of the Student Body during medical school. He lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife Lisa of 29 years and their four children, Daphne, Arabella, Zoe and Oliver.

Previously, Dr. Oz was a featured health expert on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for six seasons, spanning over 60 episodes. He also served as chief medical consultant to Discovery Communications, where his “Transplant!” series won both a Freddie and a Silver Telly award. He has appeared on all the network morning and evening news broadcasts and guest hosted numerous shows. He also served as medical director of Denzel Washington’s “John Q” and performed in the hip-hop video “Everybody” as part of the Let’s Move Campaign.

Dr. Oz authored seven New York Times Best Sellers, including “You: The Owner’s Manual”, “You: The Smart Patient”, “YOU: On a Diet”, “YOU: Staying Young”, “YOU: Being Beautiful”, “YOU: Having a Baby”, “YOU: The Owner’s Manual for Teens”, as well as the award-winning “Healing from the Heart”. He has a regular column in Oprah Magazine and Time, and his article “Retool, Reboot, and Rebuild” for Esquire magazine was awarded the 2009 National Magazine Award for Personal Service. He co-founded which won “Best Medical App” award for AskMD in 2014.

In addition to belonging to every major professional society for heart surgeons, Dr. Oz has been named Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, Forbes’ most influential celebrity, Esquire magazine’s 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century, a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, Harvard’s 100 Most Influential Alumni, as well as receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and AARP 50 Influential people over 50. He won the prestigious Gross Surgical Research Scholarship, and he has received an honorary doctorate from Istanbul University. He was voted “The Best and Brightest” by Esquire Magazine, a “Doctor of the Year” by Hippocrates magazine and “Healer of the Millennium” by Healthy Living magazine. Dr. Oz is annually elected as a highest quality physician by the Castle Connolly Guide as well as other major ranking groups. He is also an honorary police surgeon for New York City.


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