Sharecare Editors

Sharecare Editors

The editors of Sharecare – our partner social/info site that simplifies the search for quality health-care information – monitor the week's top hot topics. Whether it's the latest fitness trend or asthma treatment, you'll find it here.

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Sharecare Top 5: Kick Off Your Summer Slim Down, Prevent Tick Bites, Warning Signs Your Child Has Vision Problems, and More

Get Sharecare’s weekly roundup of health news and tips: 1. Summer’s right around the corner — which means so is bathing suit season. Click through our slideshow to get quick…

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Sharecare Top 5: 7 Office Health Hazards to Avoid, Causes of Cancer That Aren’t Smoking, and More

Stay on top of the latest health news with this week’s stories from 1. Americans spend a large chunk of their time at work, but just because it’s a…

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Sharecare Top 5: Beat Spring Allergy Sniffles and Sneezes, 5 Ways Your Job May Be Hurting Your Health, and More

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Outdoor. Freedom concept. Beauty Girl Get Sharecare’s roundup of this week’s most popular health tips and news: 1. It’s that time of year again: The…

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Sharecare Top 5: Dinners Under 600 Calories, Strength Training for Beginners, and More

Find out what has Sharecare members buzzing this week: 1. If you’ve tried on your swimsuit lately (we have!) and are a bit concerned (um, yes) – here’s help: 8…


Sharecare Top 5: Fit in Fitness During Pollen Season, The No.1 Cancer Killer in Women, 4 Health Habits You Can Take Too Far, and More

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Sharecare Top 5: Healthy Must-Haves for Your Pantry, 5 Dirty Sweat Facts, and Dr. Oz’s Sugar Detox Challenge

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Sharecare Top 5: 5 Ways to Stop Mindless Eating, 6 Ailments That Call For an Antibiotic, and the 411 on the Latest Cancer Therapy

Don’t miss Sharecare’s latest wellness tips to help you and your family stay healthy: 1. Tame everyday tension with just one simple tip a day. You’ll feel relaxed and recharged…

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Sharecare Top 5: Worst Work Habits for Your Health, 6 Everyday Eating Mistakes, Get Fit Fast Challenge, and More

Boost your wellbeing with Sharecare’s latest health tips: 1. From cubicle clutter to sweating the small stuff, some work habits can wreak havoc on your health. Find out which ones…


Sharecare Top 5: The Link Between Baby Powder and Cancer, 21 Easy Yoga Poses, First Aid Mistakes You’re Making, and More

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Sharecare Top 5: Don’t Believe These 5 Anti-Aging Myths, Dr. Oz’s List of Foods That Boost Libido, When the Flu Becomes Dangerous, and More

Here’s what has Sharecare members buzzing this week: 1. Some people are at higher risk for developing serious flu complications than others. Find out if you’re in the high-risk category,…