Sharecare Editors

Sharecare Editors

The editors of Sharecare – our partner social/info site that simplifies the search for quality health-care information – monitor the week's top hot topics. Whether it's the latest fitness trend or asthma treatment, you'll find it here.

Slim woman applying sunscreen

Sharecare Top 5: Avoid Common Sun Protection Pitfalls, Healthy Vision Tips for Your Child, What to Expect in the ER and More

This week on Sharecare we’re giving you nine pointers to steer clear of sunscreen mistakes, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of an ER and filling you…

Doctor with patient in clinic consulting

Sharecare Top 5: 5 Questions With a Nepal Doctor, Honoring Dedicated Nurses and Tips to Lessen Psoriasis Pains

This week on Sharecare we’re celebrating Nurses Week (May 6th – May 13th), helping you better manage your stress and giving you pointers to reduce psoriasis flare-ups. 1. Shedding those…


Sharecare Top 5: Gauge Your Stress Levels, Weird Health Facts, the 411 on Adult Vaccines and More

This week on Sharecare we’re helping you take control of your stress, testing your health smarts and letting you know why you shouldn’t skip your vaccines — hint: it’s in…

smart phone

Sharecare Top 5: An App That Decodes Your Stress, Women’s Health Tips by the Decade, When to Get a Second Opinion and More

This week on Sharecare we’re dishing out the details on an easy way to better manage your stress, helping you brush up on your health at every age and filling…

Two Women Eating Meal Together At Home

Sharecare Top 5: Curb Your Sugar Addiction, Foods That Fuel Weight Loss and White Lies That Can Harm Your Health

On Sharecare we’re helping you control your sweet tooth, sharing how to keep your love life alive and revealing why it pays to tell the truth at your doctor appointments….


Sharecare Top 5: Say Goodbye to Belly Flab, Improve Your Eye Health, Find the Best Doc for Your Needs and More

On Sharecare we’re making your health a priority. Here’s a peek at some of our latest expert advice, from how to choose a new doctor to smart strategies for a…

Fresh guacamole in bowl on wooden table

Sharecare Top 5: Which Colon Cancer Test Is Right for You? Plus: Lush Lashes, Delicious Dip Recipes and More

On Sharecare we’re recognizing National Colon Cancer Awareness Month with screening tips, giving you pointers to boost your sex life and sharing yummy, healthy recipes perfect for any occasion. 1. The…

Woman at the hair salon

Sharecare Top 5: The 411 on Salon Safety, How to Banish Bad Breath and an Easy Tip to Lower Your Blood Pressure

On Sharecare we’re sharing tips for fresher breath, filling you in on a quick trick to reduce hypertension – a.k.a. high blood pressure – and revealing ways to avoid a salon visit…

A doctor with stethoscope examining red heart

Sharecare Top 5: Stress-Relieving Tricks, Expert Heart Health Tips and Your Own Measles Vaccination Cheat Sheet

This week on Sharecare we’re sharing advice from top cardiologists, giving you tension-soothing tips and helping you stay safe against the measles. 1. Life’s ups and downs don’t have to…


Sharecare Top 5: The Scoop on Superbugs, How Marriage Helps Your Heart and Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain

On Sharecare we’re giving you the 411 on scary antibiotic-resistant bacteria, showing you the heart-healthy perks of a great spouse and sharing quick tips to prevent back aches. 1. Superbugs…