Sharecare Editors

Sharecare Editors

The editors of Sharecare – our partner social/info site that simplifies the search for quality health-care information – monitor the week's top hot topics. Whether it's the latest fitness trend or asthma treatment, you'll find it here.

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Sharecare Top 5: Fight Fatigue from PsA, Recover from Embarrassing Body Incidents at Work, and How Stress Affects Sex

  This week on Sharecare we’re giving you quick tips to help you manage your weight, offering ways to cope with exhaustion from psoriatic arthritis and helping you bounce back…

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Sharecare Top 5: Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Sleep Problems, Solve Skin Issues, The Hazards of High Heels, and More

This week on Sharecare we’re helping you take care of common skin conditions, explaining why you may want to take a break from platform high-heels (flats can be just as…


Sharecare Top 5: Osteoarthritis vs. Psoriatic Arthritis, Icky Back to School Problems, 6 Body Issues Explained, and More

This week on Sharecare we’re helping you decipher your joint pain, filling you in on the latest salmonella outbreak and clueing you in on where to get the care you…


Sharecare Top 5: Kids and Too Much Tech, How Psoriasis May Affect Your Pregnancy, and the Juicy Truth About Red Meat

  This week on Sharecare we’re offering ways to get your kids less connected to their electronics, explaining why less red meat may mean a longer life and helping you…


Sharecare Top 5: How Walking May Boost Longevity, Bad Habits That Wreck Your Teeth, Healthy Hair 101, and More

This week on Sharecare we’re sharing the secret to a longer and more independent life, giving you the latest info on an Ebola vaccine, testing your hair smarts and helping…


Sharecare Top 5: Sleep Better to Lower Stroke Risk, 6 Weird Facts About Adult Acne, Lessons from the Largest Ebola Outbreak in History and More

This week on Sharecare we’re giving you expert tips to sleep tight, filling you in on what’s to blame for your breakouts (as well as tips to get rid of…


Sharecare Top 5: Tips to Keep Your Brain Sharp, 5 Age-Defying Dinner Recipes, Dangers of Skipping RA Meds, and More

  This week on Sharecare we’re sharing foods that can boost your brain health as well as recipes that can keep you feeling — and looking — your best. Plus,…


Sharecare Top 5: How Your Zip Code Affects Your Health, Your Exercise Wake-up Call, and Tips to Get Younger in Just 5 Minutes

This week on Sharecare we’re offering insight on how location can affect your well-being, giving you easy ways to lower your RealAge and sharing advice on how to shape up…


Sharecare Top 5: Surprising Foods that Boost Happiness, the Health Benefits of Hobbies, and 20 Minutes to Younger Muscles

This week on Sharecare we’re giving you the inside scoop on which foods to add to your menu for a better mood, telling you why hobbies are healthy, and keeping…

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Sharecare Top 5: Habits of Happy People, 6 Emergency Room Secrets, and Healthy Swaps for Summer Treats

On Sharecare we’re letting you in on why you may need the Tdap shot, giving you an unusually effective tip to get better sleep and helping you make healthier food…