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Today’s Headlines: Fruits and Vegetables That Can Help Post-Menopausal Women, Genetically-Modified Salmon, and Diabetes Risk in 45-Year-Olds

Lycopene, found in fruits and vegetables that are red, may help post-menopausal women’s bones. A recent study has shown that lycopene may have the ability to increase bone mass and…

Applying moisturizer on belly

Scientists Uncover Likely Cause of Stretch Marks

If you’re anything like the billions of women who have given birth or had their weight yo-yo at some point in their life, you’re probably pretty familiar with stretch marks….


Today’s Headlines: Helping Hearts With Exercise, the Truth About Bookworms, and Big Versus Small Stressors

Exercising as a social activity can help heart failure patients. It’s important for everyone to exercise, but heart failure patients especially in order to decrease their risk of additional or…

Family eating pasta with sauce

Can We Talk? The Dos and Don’ts of Having “The Talk” With Your Kids

Written by CASAColumbia During tonight’s National Night of Conversation, parents around the country are preparing for one of the more difficult conversations they’ll have with their children over dinner: alcohol…

Doctor consulting with a patient.

How to Know Your Risk Factors for Addiction

Written by President of the American Academy of Family Physicians Wanda Filer, MD, FAAFP, MBA If you want to know whether you’re at risk for addiction, start by looking at…


Understanding the Risk of Sex With a Partner With HIV

Written by The Dr. Oz Show Medical Unit Chief of Staff Michael Crupain, MD, MPH Yesterday Charlie Sheen announced in an interview that he had been diagnosed with HIV four…

White plate and cutlery on wood

Setting the Table for an Open Dialogue

Written by The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Talking to teenagers is difficult to begin with. Talking to them about drugs and alcohol is even harder. As a parent you are…


Today’s Headlines: Get Your Flu Shot From Uber, How to Make Healthy Foods Taste Good, and a Vaccine to Help Cholesterol

If you still need to get your flu shot, call an Uber on Thursday, November 19th, to help you out. After last year’s huge success, Uber is once again offering $10…

woman meditating relaxing

Mindfulness Meditation May Help Ease Pain

Pain is part of our daily lives, from the occasional ache of sitting too long to the burning pain from touching a hot plate by accident. Pain can come and…


Bacteria Thrive on Unwashed Knives, Greater on Graters

Reusing knives, graters, and other cutting tools in the kitchen is pretty common practice. Most get a quick rinse to remove anything seemingly left on the surface and are thrown…