3 Pinterest Tastemakers Share Their Thanksgiving Hacks

Family at the dinner table at the Thanksgiving day.

Coming up with 99 Thanksgiving hacks is no simple feat! I collaborated with, in addition to chefs, food editors, and my own wonderful family, some of today’s top Pinterest tastemakers from across the country who helped me come up with several of the Thanksgiving shortcuts that are featured on today’s brand-new show and exclusively on DoctorOz.com.

Meet the three power pinners:

  • Beth Le Manach is based in Los Angeles, CA. She shared her meal-prep hack to make cooking a breeze. Find her on Pinterest at EntWithBeth.
  • Beau Coffron is from Oklahoma City, OK. He shared his hack for keeping food hot and cold—a must for when you’re traveling to a Thanksgiving gathering with that beloved casserole or freshly made salad. Find him on Pinterest at LunchboxDad.
  • Jeannette Kaplun calls Miami, FL, home and shared her valuable money-saving hacks so you don’t have to worry about going over your budget this holiday season. Find her on Pinterest at JeannetteKaplun.

You can find the entire list of 99 Thanksgiving hacks on DoctorOz.com. Happy feasting!