An Inside Look at Sarah Polite’s Wellness Journey


Former travel supervisor on The Dr. Oz Show, Sarah Polite is now on a brand new journey herself, improving her health, wellness, and quality of life. Read on to learn more and prepare to be inspired!

“Welcome to the Dr. Oz Show, we’re so happy you’re here!” For eight years those words were my opening line. My greeting card and my welcome to all the guests that came to The Dr. Oz Show. I was the Travel Supervisor for the show and was responsible for all of the guests once they were booked for segments. My team and I were the ones who got them to NYC for their taping, taking care of all their travel accommodations behind the scenes while they were in town and at the studio for the show.


After 14 years in NYC and eight years at Oz, I recently left both in August to take an inspired leap and move to Greenville, SC to focus on unchartered territory: myself. To do the thing I was scared to do. To go and see what was out there for me so I didn’t have to wonder what if.  To listen to my truth and to follow my inner compass even if I wasn’t sure where it would lead.

After traveling thousands of guests for all those years I realized that I took care of them easily and often without taking care of myself. It was time to. I was looking for a shift in health, wellness, and perspective that I had never experienced before. But once I started to look, I found it, or actually, I think it found me. After my move to Greenville, I was connected to Hilton Head Health, a health and wellness resort within driving distance from my new home where I ended up staying for three months and changing everything. Changing my perspective on a lot of things but especially myself. It’s where I saw myself in a new way that I had never seen myself before.


Once I started to choose myself it was powerful and got easier with each choice but once I decided to choose my health and realize that I deserved it – it was even more empowering. It has never been about the weight or losing it to me. Never about a number on the scale or a dress size on the tag. It was about the movement and the knowledge and the sustainability of living a full and healthy life without being restrictive, deprived, or shamed.

And just like that in a beautiful blur and only 6 months, I went from NYC to SC and then back to NYC to share my new journey with the person who’s been there from the start of it all: Dr. Oz. It was a wild and wonderful full circle moment that I never expected to get but so thankful I did. To show up at the studio and be the one welcomed and greeted with open arms the way I always tried to welcome guests was a powerful moment of pause, gratitude, and reflection.

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