Check-In on Valerie’s VenaSeal Treatment

Painful varicose veins

Valerie Cardone is the latest viewer to help The Dr. Oz Show with our Next Level Fixes, testing the noninvasive VenaSeal procedure to help with her varicose veins. Vascular surgeon Dr. Charles Dietzek used this FDA-approved treatment on Valerie to see if it would improve her condition. Read on to get Valerie’s thoughts and if this was a fix or fail.

I had a great day at The Dr. Oz Show! Dr. Charles Dietzek, performed the VenaSeal procedure on my right leg in less than 30 minutes. I felt a minor prick where he numbed my leg and then only some slight pressure during the actual procedure.  I was easily able to talk with Dr. Oz and had no problem answering his questions while Dr. Dietzek was still working on me.  I experienced a small amount of pain as he finished up, but otherwise it was an easy and quick procedure. When I got home after the long ride from NYC, I made sure I spent about 20 minutes on the treadmill walking, just as Dr. Dietzek advised.

Each day after the procedure, I’ve spent about 40 minutes walking on the treadmill. This was more than the recommended 15 to 20 minutes per day for four days a week, but I felt great so I did a little extra. The only day I had any discomfort was the day after the procedure. I felt a little achy and used the recommended pain reliever. After that I had no pain. I am thrilled with the recovery for this! I was able to go back to work the next day, I am able to do daily exercise, and I don’t have to wear compression stockings.  Because it’s been less than a week, since the procedure I have only seen a slight difference in the appearance of my varicose veins, but I understand it will take about a full week to see the results.

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