Daphne Oz Shares Her Pregnancy Cravings!

506852When Daphne Oz came to visit the Dr. Oz Show, we just had to find out how her pregnancy has affected her diet. She told us about the snacks she craves, the foods she couldn’t bear to be around and how she is making her health a priority.

How has pregnancy changed your outlook on your health?

I’ve always been committed to living healthy and happy – making health a priority and not an obsession. But now, every bite I take potentially becomes part of my baby’s biochemistry, so there’s that much more incentive to make sure I’m eating really nutrient-dense meals that will make him or her as healthy as possible. Still, if it’s not delicious, I don’t care if it’s healthy. I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with decadent meals that satisfy my pregnancy cravings but that I can still feel good about enjoying.

What is the strangest pregnancy craving you have had?

Nothing too crazy! I could eat pizza or bagels every hour of the day, but that’s me in my pre-pregnancy life too. I’ve actually been craving a morning green juice, and I’ve been having smoothies at least a few mornings a week to make sure I kick the day off with a healthy dose of vital nutrients – I load them up with banana, kale, sour cherries, lime juice, almond butter, ground flax seed or chia seed, plus some yogurt or almond milk if I want it a little richer. I love chips on everything; salt and vinegar, preferably. Lots of apples with salty, rich cheese, like a Manchego. Weirdly, I’ve been craving tuna fish salad a lot, but only letting myself have it about once a month because of the mercury content.

What food smells gross you out now that you are pregnant?

I cannot stand the smell of fish! And spicy foods turn me off a bit. In the first trimester, it was hard to be around any meats at all. But we just made a fried chicken dish with a honey drizzle on The Chew that I went absolutely nuts for, so I think I’m over that now.

What’s one of your dishes you hope your baby likes?
I really hope to breastfeed at least a year, but once we make the switch to solid foods, I would like to try to make my baby’s food. My mom started me on mashed banana, avocado, sweet potato and grated apple… but she also would puree lentil soup for me, and I have a killer recipe for red lentil and sweet potato stew that I hope my baby loves as much as I do.

What’s your favorite go-to pregnancy snack?
I love an open-faced sandwich of a rice cake with hummus and cheese, or I do a plate with sliced apples, cheese, pickles, olives, pretzels with cream cheese, almond butter on crackers with a drizzle of honey or raspberry jam… I need a mix of primarily salty things and rotate around.