Go Backstage at The Dr. Oz Show


Ever wonder how the Emmy Award-nominated show comes together? In this Facebook Live video, Dr. Oz takes you behind the scenes at ABC Studios in New York City to show you how all the magic happens.

Kick off the tour by joining Dr. Oz during his lunch break in the lounge. Then, it’s on to a visit to the props department. From fake foods to underwear, peek inside the treasure trove of knickknacks and odds and ends that help bring ideas to life on the show. Sneak a peek at Dr. Oz’s extensive wardrobe full of different head to toe outfit options, including socks and shoes!

As you walk along the same hallways as guests — such as Michael Strahan and Cameron Diaz — go up two flights of stairs to meet set managers Patty and Seth. Find out the surprising reason why sets are typically kept at a colder temperature and then go backstage to meet the show’s chef, Ulli. Check out the healthy ingredients she’s been cooking with and find more of her recipes at Recipe Rescue.

On your last tour stop, drop into the control center where graphics, additional footage, and more get sliced and diced into the final episode that you’ll see broadcasted every Monday through Friday. Plus, see the last thing Dr. Oz does after every show taping!

Watch the entire tour here:

Join me on a tour of our NYC studios! #24Live

Posted by Dr. Mehmet Oz on Wednesday, April 6, 2016