In Case You Missed It: January 20th Through January 24th


If you missed a segment or forgot to jot down a tip this week, we’ve got you covered. Check out these helpful hints and takeaways and click to read more on!

1. Here are five creative ways to stay healthy using this natural oil. Then, stretch your way to better health with instructor Steve Ross.

2. Add a tropical flair to your morning with this delicious recipe. Get to the root of your fatigue with simple at-home remedies.

3. Dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth shares the perfect after-workout treat. From the easy-to-forget details to the hard-to-talk-about problems, your doctor needs to know it all.

4. Quiz yourself now on the best and safest pharmacy practices. Dr. Oz is blowing the whistle on dangerous ingredients in your food.

5. Introducing AskMD! Enter a symptom and AskMD will match your answers against clinically proven research to help determine what’s wrong.