In Case You Missed It: July 22 Through July 26


If you missed a segment or forgot to jot down a tip this week, we’ve got you covered. Check out these helpful hints and takeaways and click to read more on!

1. Can you grow younger from the inside out? Learn the simple lifestyle changes that will turn back the clock on aging.

2. Are you always exhausted and in constant pain? Learn about the latest treatments and discoveries that could heal you. Plus, Dr. Oz reveals the one anti-aging product you’re not using!

3. Dr. Oz reveals common types of headaches and the foods that can help treat them – view the slideshow here.

4. Whether you want to stop the excess fat from piling on or lose those last stubborn 5 pounds, Dr. Oz has the solutions you need! Read more here.

5. Mindy McCready is the latest of five Celebrity Rehab deaths since the show began. Should the show be held accountable? Who’s to blame? Watch to see what Dr. Drew has to say!