In Case You Missed It: July 21 Through July 25


If you missed a segment or forgot to jot down a tip this week, we’ve got you covered. Check out these helpful hints and take-aways and click to read more on!

1. Dr. Oz shares his secrets to longevity. Get his full checklist and find out the habits that can help you live longer. Plus, find out seven surprising uses for apple cider vinegar.

2. Dr. Andrew Weil weighs in on the biggest health controversies and what’s safe for your family. Take this quiz to find out what your aura color is.

3. The truth about cellulite and the easy ways to fight it, including six at-home cellulite solutions. Find out which simple food swaps can save you 100 calories or more.

4. What you need to know about fibroids, and when it’s time to get them removed. Learn what the most common symptoms are and how to treat fibroids.

5. Nutritionist Nora Gedgaudas explains the link between food sensitivities and weight gain and mood swings. Use this symptom checker to see if you have a hidden food allergy and get Dr. Oz’s weight-loss plan one-sheet.