In Case You Missed It: September 30 Through October 3


If you missed a segment or forgot to jot down a tip this week, we’ve got you covered. Check out these helpful hints and takeaways, and click to read more on!

1. These nutritional superstars do double (even triple and beyond!) duty. Learn about the powerful new superfood that may help lower blood sugar and protect your heart.

2. Dr. Oz is reunited with Siân Green, the New York City tourist who was hit by a taxicab. She discusses the loss of her lower leg, her recovery process and the strangers who came to her rescue. Whether you’re insured or purchasing a plan, learn everything you need to know about the Affordable Care Act.

3. These 10 key facts will help you learn how to manage and improve your own heart health. Plus, learn the facts about hysterectomies and the questions you should ask your doctor.

4. Find out the shocking results of The Dr. Oz Show‘s in-depth investigation of LASIK surgery! Don’t forget to load up on the five foods that will help keep your eyes stay in tip-top shape.

5. Too little iron can zap the glow from your skin and leave you feeling exhausted, dizzy and even short of breath. Fortunately, we’ve got a grocery list that will help you increase your iron intake.