Hairstylist Angelo David Weighs In on Hair Loss and Treatments


Angelo David is a New York hairstylist who is completely revolutionizing both hair care and treatment for female hair loss. Here he speaks about root causes of hair loss, how he approaches treatment, nd his favorite hair care tips.

Even if you are unable to come to David for treatment yourself, you can use this information as a jumping-off point. More than anything, David wishes to reduce the stigma around hair loss, something he knows causes women a lot of emotional pain, and instead shed light on the fact that it happens to many women and there are many options and solutions for them.

Root Cause

Hair loss could be due to anything from aging hair to traditional female pattern baldness to alopecia or other similar medical conditions, David explains, “Stress is one of the biggest components today, for women more than men.” He suspects that technology plays a huge part in hair loss, particularly the stress it adds to our lives, because he has seen significantly younger women coming to him for help with hair loss than he saw when he opened his first salon about 25 years ago, so limiting stress and technology use can help remedy some of these issues.


Though Angelo David Salon specializes in wigs and hair pieces for women suffering from hair loss, they also operate like a regular salon, addressing any hair concerns that you may have, even if it’s just a cut and color or a hairpiece for your wedding. Celebrities often come to the salon for temporary changes, such as clip-in extensions or couture wigs. This traditional salon operation is one of the most appealing aspects of the way David treats hair loss.

Treatment Approach

David acknowledges how devastating thinning hair can be for women. He says, “Some women feel their beauty is wiped out with thinning hair… It’s traumatic for them.” He maintains this empathy while interacting with them, while still making sure that his salon is “not sterile, they’re not being treated, they’re just in a salon to feel beautiful.”

The salon has a VIP Room for privacy as women voice their concerns, while the atmosphere of luxury works to encourage women to be able to talk about why they are there because it’s not something to be ashamed of. David prefers to think of hairpieces as accessories, new things to add to your look that will make you feel more beautiful than before, and encourages his clients and all women experiencing this to do the same. “What I do is change lives, and that’s what I’m going to do for you,” he adds.


Angelo David calls himself the “Vera Wang of hairpieces” because it is all about customization. It’s not one size fits all. When providing a hairpiece, he considers everything: the woman’s lifestyle and job, the hair loss cause, how she usually wears her hair, whether another color would suit her or hide her concerns better, and what is most practical for her to be able to keep it up based on her finances. He even creates hair pieces with a bit of root color so it appears that your hair is growing. David provides a free thirty-minute consultation to his clients – make sure you are getting the customization you deserve to find the solution that works for you.

Tips and Advice

You have to take care of your scalp and keep it clean; a myth has been circulated that to keep hair healthy you should wash it as infrequently as possible, and it’s just not true. Every two or three days, you should actually shampoo twice, massaging the scalp: one time just moves grease around, the second time cleans your scalp and hair, allowing a “clean canvas for growth.” Limit the use of hot tools, including blow-drying. Finally, brush your hair before you shower, as your hair is much more likely to break when it is wet. David says that it’s important to acknowledge that hair loss and hair thinning affect women in the same way and that the emotional stress caused by either one is what is important to fix. Above all else, he wants women to know that there are options and that the right hairpiece can be just an accessory to help them live a happy life again.