The Dr. Oz 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan: How Did Staffers Do?


Dr. Oz is unveiling his brand new two-week rapid weight loss plan. If weight loss is one of your goals this year, this new plan will help you curb cravings and dive right into healthy eating habits. Viewers of The Dr. Oz Show tested the plan, along with staffers who made the commitment to stick to the diet for two whole weeks. Behind the scenes, producers followed the meal plans and recipes, which includes a daily smoothie for breakfast. They even cut out their daily caffeine intake!

“I thought the plan would be a challenge, but after the first three days I started to feel amazing,” says associate producer Sasha Mitchell-Fuller. Associate producer Patrick Hester also found the first couple of days a challenge, but staying motivated made the payoff well worth it. “It was hard at first – no coffee! – but it definitely got easier after a few days.”

So how did the staffers fare after two weeks? Sasha says she is down 15 pounds while Patrick has lost 10.

With a shopping list, daily recipes and meal plan, the diet is easy to incorporate into a busy routine and easy to follow. You can find more information about the diet here.