The First Step to Never (Being) Broken

Written by Jewel


My Dearest Lovelies,

For the first month of our Never Broken launch, I want to focus on one single exercise—the art of paying attention.

Before moving on to the other exercises, I invite you all to practice gaining this one skill first. Why? Because it is the wellspring all change and joy come from.

So many of us suffer from worry, anxiety, distraction, and habitual self-defeating patterns. We mount up great defenses, strategies, and plans to try and remedy this. But they often become too daunting and we don’t start. Or we start and then we fail. Or worst of all, we become hopeless, and resign ourselves to whatever distractions we can find to make the anxiety of being conscious bearable.

The remedy is shockingly simple. It is being still with yourself.

Great insight and originality do not come from the mind, but from this deeper part of ourselves. The great treasures of what we uniquely offer as individuals can only be mined when we go outside the mind. By delving into the heart, the gut, our intuition, and creativity. Our soul.

Spend some time getting to know the rippling edges of your own being—your own unique essence. You are a treasure waiting to be exhumed, and only you can do this.

Some go a lifetime without ever discovering the light within themselves, without their own breath being taken away by their own genuine beauty. Without discovering their own voice—the song only they can sing and offer the world.

Here is a secret I have learned: The great thinkers of the world were not great thinkers—they were great get-out-of-their-own-way-ers.

And the only difference between you and these “great minds of history” is your willingness to get out of your mind, and dig deeply into the still waters of your own soul to see what is written there. Inspiration and originality live here. Love lives here. The ability to give it and receive it.

Fall in love with yourself—not in the narcissistic way of our culture—and allow yourself the honor of courting yourself, being curious and kind and observant of you. Take time to dig deeply into your own nature—even the parts that make you uncomfortable.

Learning to be still, to enjoy your own company, causes you to fall in love with and have compassion for not only yourself in a profound way, but with all of the world.

The more time you can spend observing your thoughts—and identifying yourself as the observer of thoughts, the more fluid and ecstatic life is. All of life becomes poetic. Each day a love song you sing to yourself. And to the world.

And it does not take a pill. It does not take a plan. It just requires the willingness to spend a few moments with yourself. Undistracted. Willing to get to know the you beyond the thoughts in your mind.

Just be. The way you would be with a lover, sitting silently, enjoying the silence with no need of words. The more you can do this, the easier it gets to be alone, and soon it’s not just worry you hear inside your own skin—soon it’s even more than silence you hear; you hear the symphony of your own soul. When you go deep enough, it is the same river that leads to the ocean of everyone else.

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