What Does the Oz Crew Eat?


Dr. Oz recently snuck onto the set of The View to take a peek at how healthy their on-set food was. When he saw all the sugary snacks, he couldn’t resist pranking them by replacing their spread with some protein-rich Ozified healthy options (see above).

So does the crew at The Doctor Oz Show walk the walk?  Check out this list of backstage snacks and judge for yourself:

Hard-boiled eggs – Packed with protein and B vitamins, eggs are a great option to keep you going throughout the day.

Walnuts – Walnuts have tons of fiber and protein that help keep you full and are good for your heart’s health. They also contain a good dose of magnesium, which is especially good for your heart, muscles and kidneys.

Greek yogurt with low-fat granola – Yogurt is a great source of bone-healthy calcium and is a great way to fill up without overdoing the calories. Low-fat granola can give your yogurt a boost of fiber.

Spinach and kale green drink – This vitamin-packed drink is sure to pack in the nutrients you need in your day, delivering especially high doses of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Semi-soft cheese – A little bit of cheese can be a tasty source of protein and calcium.

2% milk – Talk about satisfying: 2% milk is one of the best sources of calcium, and also packs a powerful protein punch. Adding a little to your day will help you stay full and satisfied for longer.