Celebrate 2013: New Year, New You!

Many fear the number 13. However, I challenge you to make 2013 a lucky year for you! Stick with me, and you’ll shred those fat jeans and spandex for good.

What’s your 2013 resolution? Is it to lose weight? Quit smoking? De-stress? Whatever it is, the first step is to get motivated. Without the proper inspiration, how can you drive yourself to achieve your goals? Why not find a quote to inspire you and get you off that couch? One of my favorites is a quote by Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It motivates me to stay healthy and keep my patients and viewers happy and healthy. You can borrow a healthy quote or two from me and put it on your Pinterest board for safe-keeping! Try finding a healthy resolution for yourself on my official Pinterest board. Post it on your board to serve as a reminder.

Next, you’ll need to blast away all those holiday calories. Start with what you can handle. I’m a big fan of making small and reasonable goals for yourself. Why not start with planning to lose just 10 measly pounds? It may seem like nothing, but you’d be surprised how 10 pounds can drastically improve and lengthen your life. Read more about the benefits of losing 10 pounds, and learn our five rules to losing 10 pounds.

Exercising is a great way to jumpstart your weight loss and alleviate stress. Exercise releases endorphins, which improves mood, reduces stress, and releases energy. Try some new yoga poses or my trainer Donovan Green’s No Excuse Workouts! These workouts serve as a great first step to get yourself into an exercise-friendly lifestyle. From there, you can graduate to harder exercise classes, swimming classes, water aerobics or my favorite, pilates!

Donovan Green’s exercises are below:

Controlling your portions and cutting the junk food are good initial ground rules for every body type. Try some new healthy recipes from Doctoroz.com and my official Pinterest board. You’ll find hundreds of delicious Oz-approved recipes.

Finally, if stress is the biggest culprit in your life, you can count on my friend, Oprah, to show you six ways to hide the signs of holiday stress. From there, make 2013 a stress-free year filled with pure bliss! Find ways to improve your life with my ultimate stress checklist.

Need more ways to make 2013 a healthy new year for you? Visit my New Year, New You Pinterest board for more inspiration, ideas, and recipes.