4 Surprising Hydration Hacks

cold summer drinks in garden

Whether it’s through sweating, peeing or even breathing, your body is constantly losing water. In fact, over the course of a single day, an average person loses about 10 to 11 cups of water. Replenishing the liquids your body loses is absolutely essential to look and feel your best. Water helps to deliver nutrients to every cell and organ in your body and clears away waste and toxins. It also helps regulate body temperature, supports digestion, keeps your skin looking smooth and young and lubricates your joints.

You’ve probably heard people say that everyone should get eight glasses of water a day. This is good advice and is a reasonable recommendation, but in reality, water needs vary depending on the person. The Institute of Medicine estimates that on average, women in a temperate climate require about nine cups of fluid a day and men require about 13. In addition, other fluids like juices, coffee, tea and soup count toward your requirement, except for alcohol, which can be very dehydrating. But when it comes to the healthiest (and lowest-calorie) hydrator, water can’t be beat.

Nine to 13 cups might sound like a lot, but with these creative hacks, staying hydrated will be quick, easy and refreshing.

Grab a collapsible water bottle. Don’t love lugging around heavy, awkward water bottles that take up tons of space? I love collapsible water bottles that fold flat and collapse as I drink. Not only can I refill them whenever I want, they’re lightweight, portable and take up as little space as possible.

Pace yourself. One of my viewers taught me this clever hydration hack. She bought two large water bottles and marked her daily water intake by time increments on the bottle. She’ll drink to a certain line by noon, has another beverage during lunch, and then drinks to another line by 6 p.m. – and so on until she’s met her requirement. That way, she stays well hydrated throughout the day rather than going through dry spells and then chugging a lot of fluid all at once.

Keep it cool. If you ask me, there’s nothing more delicious than a cold glass of ice water. One of my viewers taught me a cool trick to keep my water cold for longer. She fills a water bottle a quarter of the way full with water at night and then freezes it overnight (make sure the bottles are freezer safe). In the morning, she fills it the rest of the way up with water and takes it to go – so she can have ice water all day!

Give it a twist. Tossing a slice of lemon, lime, orange, cucumber or even a sprig of mint into your water can give it some pizzazz and add flavor without the unhealthy sugars and calories found in many other flavored drinks.

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