Cherishing New Times With Old Friends

This past weekend, I returned to Harvard for my 30-year class reunion, where I got a chance to connect with old friends.

My old roommate Billy Campbell, former president of Discovery Channel and current president of Akoo Social Television.

Fellow alum Reverend Wayne Meisel performed a beautiful memorial service for the 50 classmates we have lost since our graduation. I found myself in a moment of deep reflection.

While we generally focus on the fragility of life only during the tough moments, we should always take time to remember how precious life really is and truly cherish all of those around us while we are blessed to have their company.

Here is an excerpt from Reverend Meisel’s moving speech:

 “We light candles for those who have died. It is an act of being present with those who are not here. But it is more than that. Their candles offer us light, a beacon, a lighthouse, a north star that finds us in the distance and directs us away from our own darkness and the loneliness and summons us together. And the candle draws us into community and an invitation to intimacy that transcends death and life through death.

 “And so I begin to see our class not merely as a community but as a congregation, a fellowship of faithfulness. The challenges that some of us are facing and that others will come to know requires knowledge and preparing and resolve …

 “I see us not only as a class but also as a community, a congregation, and a fellowship of faithfulness. At one level it makes no sense. It is both impractical and impossible. But that is what I see from this pulpit and what I feel in this space.

  “You may not need it now, but you will.”

This really puts things into perspective. Though I’m incredibly busy, I always take the time to tell Lisa and the kids how much I love them. Recently, I read a blog post on the top five regrets of the dying, which included not keeping in touch with friends. No one wants to think of their last days on Earth, but it might be wise to think a little bit more about how you want to spend your time between then and now. And above all – embrace the present! That said, I’m happy I’m able keep in touch with my old Harvard buddies. Nothing feels better than reminiscing about the good old days while enjoying the here-and-now.