Five Years of Transforming Health


This has been a wonderful year for me, both personally and on our show. I have so many moments from 2013 to be grateful for, including the show’s third-consecutive Emmy Award win, and many major things to look forward to in the year to come, like the birth of my first grandchild! But for me, this December doesn’t just mark the end of 2013 – it also marks five years of transforming our nation’s health here on the show.

Over the past five years, I’ve covered more health stories than I could count, but some have really stuck with me. For example, one of our most important efforts started years ago, but only came to a close this year. In 2011, The Dr. Oz Show tested commercially-sold apple juices and found that many of them contained alarmingly high amounts of arsenic, a dangerous toxin. Over the course of the next two years, we worked to encourage the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to impose limits on the level of arsenic found in commercially-sold apple juice – which they finally did this past summer. I am so proud of the role our show played in making apple juice safer for all Americans.

These past years have not been without moments of sadness and struggle, either. Hurricane Sandy ripped through our area in the fall of 2012, killing more than 100 Americans and wreaking havoc on homes and businesses up and down the East Coast. After the storm, I traveled to one of the hardest-hit areas, Staten Island, to see what I could do to help. I spoke to so many brave people who had had their whole lives uprooted and washed away by the floodwaters. Their stories of strength and recovery in the face of such devastating loss will remain with me forever.

I could go on for hours about all the people, stories and events that have touched me since our show began. As the sun sets on 2013 and rises again on 2014, I hope that the next five years will bring me just as much joy and inspiration as these past five years have.