Introducing AskMD

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There’s a new tool launching today, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

It’s AskMD from our friends at Sharecare, and it’s so much more than a symptom checker. You are going to hear plenty about it, but I wanted to share why AskMD makes me excited.

The main function of AskMD is that it helps you to figure out the cause of your symptoms. How? It uses clinically proven data based on more than 20 years of medical research.

When you have something that’s bothering you, AskMD asks the questions you would never think to ask yourself, so you are able to collect the wisdom that a doctor will need to help you. It helps you pay attention to triggers and related issues you might not think about and helps you gain insights relevant to your health.

AskMD identifies the most common causes for your symptoms, based on your input. AskMD utilizes a Pattern Recognition Technology that matches your answers against a dynamic clinical knowledge platform, so the list of possible common causes  – and the information on those conditions – are actually relevant to you. Bonus: you can use a voice option and speak your symptoms into the phone – no typing!


AskMD summarizes and saves your consultations and information, and allows you to share it. You can share it with your spouse, your parents, and even your doctor if they have already shared their email address with you.

AskMD not only helps you, but helps your doctor help you. Your results are tidied up in a great “For Your Visit” summary. AskMD organizes your symptoms and saves any consultations you’ve taken, so nothing is forgotten when you see your doctor. As a physician, I can see this making appointments a lot more efficient – and productive.

It gets you to the doctor! AskMD refers you to specialists, if you need a physician, and keeps all your important health information organized – your doctors and insurance information are kept together in one place!

In the big picture of healthcare, AskMD can help make the process between patient and physician more efficient with improved information-gathering, information for reference and connectivity. I hope you take advantage of AskMD to help you be a better – and smarter – patient.

AskMD for iPhone is available for free in the App Store or on your computer or tablet at