Introducing AskMD 2.0


You’ve heard me talk about AskMD numerous times on my show, for help with everything from diagnosing your symptoms to exactly what to do about it. Today, my favorite app got even better. Let me tell you what’s new.

Better Ways to Manage Your Family’s Health
You can create secondary profiles on AskMD, whether it’s for your children or an older parent, to keep track of what is going on with their health. Save consultations under their name with their health measures, medications and even their doctor’s contact info.

Oz-Approved Health Tips
Let’s say you take an AskMD consultation and you want to find out a little bit more. The app will now give you Health Tips, which are little video snippets with more background about certain conditions. You’ll find relevant ones to your health in your Health Check in the app.

Let’s See Those Details
How many times have you left your doctor’s office, only to remember details you forgot to share or symptoms you forgot to ask about? We’re all human, so AskMD recaps your consultation for you in For Your Visit. You can make notes for your next appointment, add photos and even video to show your doctor what it looked like two days ago, or compare how it’s changed.


You also may have heard about the new Apple Health app for iOS8, which collects the information you choose from your various health apps and fitness devices. AskMD and the Apple Health app synchronize to update your Health Check in the app, including age, biological sex, height, weight and blood pressure. As your stats change, AskMD pulls those details in through the Apple Health app so it’s always up to date.

With all these new features, I couldn’t be more excited about how easy AskMD makes it to proactively take care of yourself and your family. Download it today in the Apple App Store and take a step toward better health.