Meet the Winners of Transform YOU


Recently, I’ve had the privilege to meet three truly inspirational women who won our Transform YOU with David Buer contest this summer and have completed the program on Sharecare. I thought that you should meet them, too. Karen, Darcella and Nancy are great examples of how you can take a step toward owning your health and wellness.


Karen is a 53-year-old mother and wife who found Transform YOU after donating a kidney to her son and wrestling with up-and-down weight changes. Since starting the program, she has reached her initial goal weight and has been able to walk five miles a day for more than 40 days in a row. Follow Karen on Sharecare.


Darcella is a 42-year-old aspiring business owner intent on overcoming her family’s history of heart-related illness. She has overcome an aortic aneurysm to start the Transform YOU program and is planning to participate in her first 5K walk. Follow Darcella on Sharecare.


Nancy is a 60-year-old retiree who took on Transform YOU to be able to keep up with her active outdoor lifestyle and her granddaughter. Since starting the program, she has improved her cholesterol, feels stronger and leaner, and has more energy for the grandkids! Follow Nancy on Sharecare.

If they could do it, so can you! Take the first step toward transforming your own health and wellness and head over to Sharecare to sign up now.

Find out more about Darcella, Karen and Nancy’s prize trip to Atlanta and what keeps them going on Sharecare.