AMERICA’S DOCTOR Shares His Mind-Over-Matter Music

Every workout should be accompanied by a good soundtrack. Research on exercise motivation has repeatedly proven the benefits of listening to music during exercise. Music not only makes your jogging, biking or yoga routine more enjoyable, it also distracts your brain from the physical stress of exercising. Music leads to less physical burnout, more exercise time, and more calories burned. Numerous studies have also connected music with improved mood and energy. It has worked for Olympic athletes, and it will work for you. As AMERICA’S DOCTOR, I have a few recommendations.

My daily yoga and exercise routines wouldn’t be complete without the right tunes. If you need some motivation, feel free to borrow some of my choices. My playlist is a mix of fast and slower-paced songs – as you can see, I’m quite the ‘80s fan.

The energy of Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello get me through more intense workouts. The slower, relaxing songs perfectly complement a successful warm-up or cool-down session.

Watch this space as I post more of my favorite songs and playlists throughout the year. Maybe you’ll find more new favorites!