My Fans Say the Darndest Things #Hilarious

On today’s show, I got an earful of funny questions from kids. But I always get some pretty enjoyable questions from my followers on Facebook and Twitter. Here are a few questions/comments that put a smile on my face. I hope they do the same for you!

This question truly made me laugh, Vanessa! Thank you for your question. I know how it feels to think that eating any type of food packs on the pounds. Another fan once told me that smelling food was enough to make her fat. However, with the right choices, you can make food your friend again!

You should first check your metabolism type to see what foods best suit your body. Take our metabolism-type quiz to find out. You can also eat yourself skinny by trying our 15 metabolism-revving foods to help lose weight.

You may also benefit from learning more about your thyroid and hypothyroidism. Some people with hypothyroidsim (slow thyroids) have slow metabolisms, which make them gain weight.  If you think your thyroid is slow, you can try boosting it with iodine and selenium-rich foods, like Brazil nuts or sunflower seeds. You can also try our energy-boosting thyroid salad. Regular exercise is also a great way to speed up the thyroid and melt the pounds. You can also ask your doctor about your thyroid and see if a thyroid test can help. Best of luck!

I’m so happy you’re making this new year count, Emily! However, I can empathize with you about needing to wake up earlier! One my biggest weaknesses is the snooze button in the morning. Some days, I hit it two or three times before waking up in the morning, and not only does it throw off my morning yoga and exercise routine, it’s also bad for my internal sleep clock. We may think that adding a few minutes of sleep can revive you, but it’s only an illusion. The sleep you get after hitting the snooze button isn’t restorative sleep. In fact, you’ll need to sleep uninterrupted for at least 15-20 minutes in order to reach your body’s restorative REM sleep cycle.

That’s why I’ve made my own personal resolution to avoid the snooze button. Instead of relying on the 20 minutes it takes to go through two snooze-button cycles, I plan to go to bed 20 minutes earlier than my usual time. Maybe it can help you as well? Best of luck! I hope you enjoy your three-day cleanse!

Great question, Russel! First, the best way to eliminate calluses is always prevention. Calluses develop from constant friction or pressure on any surface of the skin, including the hands. As a result, layers of dead skin remain on the affected area for added protection. Try wearing padded socks, or if you’re on your feet all day, you may benefit from a shoe insert that can better support your feet and help distribute your weight more effectively.

With existing calluses, you can start with a nice pumice stone to scrape away some of the dead skin. Try one during a shower, then follow up with a foot lotion to keep your skin moist (but not too moist that bacteria can start to grow!). You can also try eliminating calluses with organic licorice as suggested by Dr. Donnica Moore on Sharecare.

Good luck! I hope this makes your Wilma Flintstone happy.