Summer Health Tips to Practice All Year Round


As triple-digit heat gives way to chilly breezes and cooler temperatures, don’t dismiss the summer-specific tips we’ve been discussing about all season long. These tips are just as relevant in the fall and throughout the entire year and will guide you toward becoming your healthiest and best self.

Always Move More

Just as you schedule time to brush your teeth in the morning or shower in the evening, set aside time throughout the week to go for a run, exercise alongside a DVD, take a class at your gym or community center, or join a local, recreational sports team. Pick an activity that you truly enjoy and make it your “me time” to check in with yourself and focus on your health, fitness, and wellbeing. If you’ve lost interest with the treadmill or that DVD you’ve memorized by heart, try a new activity you’ve been meaning to check out or enlist a buddy to work out with you.

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Always Stay Hydrated

Your body needs water for proper functioning throughout the day and in any weather. Whether you eat or drink your water, it’s necessary for a healthy digestive system, normal body temperature regulation, and illness prevention. Bonus perks? Staying hydrated can help you stay energized, lose weight, and fight cellulite. Make this habit a no-brainer by carrying a water bottle with you on the go or keep a water glass on your desk or nearby so you can sip and refill any time.

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Always Wear SPF

Keep your skin protected all year long by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and wear sunglasses and a hat to shield your eyes and head from strong UVA and UVB rays. Stash a travel-sized tube of SPF and lip balm with SPF in your car, desk drawer, your bag, or next to your keys so you’ll remember to apply and reapply whenever you can. Autumn is also a great time to do self-examination and check for any new moles, growths, or sunspots and schedule a checkup with your dermatologist if you haven’t already gone in for a visit this year.

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