Your Healthy Dose of Fun

Tyler Oz Peace Sign

Today, I am kicking off our brand-new fifth season of The Dr. Oz Show with a promise: This season, you and I will have more fun exploring your health than ever before. My team and I have poured all our energy into giving you a thrilling show packed with the facts and laughs you need to live a healthy and happy life.

You’ll be surprised by just how far I’ll go this season to understand your health and what you need to maximize your potential. For example, I never could have imagined how women’s feet feel in those dangerously high heels without literally taking a walk in your shoes and submitting myself to a fancy (and thankfully temporary) makeover. With a full cast of organs, oversized body parts and cutting-edge tests, we’ll be going inside your minds and bodies to uncover the most up-to-date, edgy health secrets you’ve been wondering about.

We’ll also show you a whole new side of some of your favorite celebrities. Whether we’re peering down the famous throat of rock star Steven Tyler, or discussing facial hair tips with the cast of Duck Dynasty, we’ll reveal surprising celebrity health news you won’t see anywhere else.

Our shows this season are chock-full of topics that you, our viewers, have personally chosen. For the first time, we even have a whole show completely controlled by our viewers. And since our show is all about you, only you can help us go further than ever before in getting to the root of your most personal health questions and tips. So keep your body healthy and your belly full of laughs by tuning in tonight for your healthy dose of fun.

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