Fuel Up With This Apricot and Peanut Butter Snack

Dried apricots

Are you tired of buying fiber or energy bars that are filling you with nothing more than sugar, carbs and calories? You know, the ones that you’re spending big bucks on to get what essentially amounts to a candy bar in disguise? Maybe it’s time to take control of the ingredients you’re fueling yourself with by making your own. These fabulous fuel balls are high in protein, healthy fats and energy – providing nutrients while staying lower in sugar than traditional bars! Best of all, they take just ten minutes to make! My favorite ingredient in this recipe is the peanut butter due to its many health benefits! A 2013 study found that individuals that had at least three servings of nuts a week decreased their risk of dying from both cancer and cardiovascular disease than non-nut eaters. Make a pact with yourself today to stop buying all those “health” bars that are robbing both your health and your wallet and give your body what it’s really craving – REAL fuel.  Get the recipe here.