Rev Run’s Family Feud Fridge


Founding member of pioneering hip-hop group Run DMC, practicing minister, television star and bestselling author of the book Manology, Rev Run is known for his uplifting words of wisdom. On today’s show, he spoke about his recent weight-loss success. We were curious about what was in his fridge. Here’s what the Rev and family man had to say:

“Here behind me is the family fridge – which can sometimes become the family feud. I hear stuff like, ‘Dad, what’s up with the sugar-free Jello, and not the regular kind?’  or ‘Dad, why’d you get egg whites and forget to get regular eggs?’ Or ‘Dad, I see you got I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter  we can’t believe it’s not butter, either.’ These are some of my favorites, and how I lost over 20 pounds. Next time, I’ll show you my freezer, which has lots of fish and seafood. These days I’ve been eating seafood, but about two years back I would see food and eat it!”