Today’s Headlines: Meningitis, Multivitamins and Mending a Broken Heart

Meningitis Outbreak: Death Toll Rises to 30; Case Count to 419:  The CBS Evening News reported, “That meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroids has taken another life. It’s spread to more than a third of the states with 409 cases reported. The latest fatality brings the death toll to 30.” Of all the states, Michigan has the highest number at 119 and Tenessee has the highest number of fatalities at 13. (Detroit Free Press)

Multivitamin Study Shows No Effect In Reducing Heart Disease in Men: Multiple news outlets report on a study that while “multivitamins might help lower the risk for cancer in healthy older men,” they “do not affect their chances of developing heart disease.” The study involved nearly 15,000 healthy male physicians who either took a multivitamin or a placebo pill. There were no differences in the number of heart attacks, strokes, chest pain or heart failure after 11 years of study. (Washington Times)

Could Stem Cells Mend a Broken Heart? Researchers were successfully able to use a stranger’s stem cells to repair hearts damaged by heart attacks. The results were discussed at the American Heart Association Conference in California. To repair the hearts, the researchers used “a specific type of stem cells from bone marrow that researchers believed would not be rejected by recipients.” (Washington Post)