In the News: Appetite-Suppressing Foods Revealed, Blue Light May Impact Eye Health, Time-Saving Services May Boost Happiness

Appetite-suppressing foods revealed. While there is no secret ingredient to help you lose weight, there are a few key foods you can eat to give you a boost. Nutritionists recommend Greek or Icelandic yogurt (which provides a healthy dose of protein), avocados (an excellent source of monounsaturated fat), red chili peppers, barley, soup (which helps you fill up for fewer calories), vegetable salad, spinach, and flaxseed. These ingredients provide you with protein, healthy carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fat, so you can feel satisfied without relying on high-calorie junk food. Want to learn more? Check out this natural appetite suppressant. (CNN)

Blue light may be hurting your eye health. Since we are on our computers and phones more often than ever before, we are exposed to an unprecedented amount of blue light emissions. Doctors are particularly concerned because the blue light that comes from electronic devices isn’t filtered by the cornea or lens, going straight to the back of the eye instead. While more research is required, some experts worry that this exposure can lead to damaged retinas and other eye health issues. If you want to prevent eye strain, optometrist Janelle Routhier, OD, recommends giving your eyes a break, using a light-reducing app and purchasing blue-blocking lenses. Find out how to further reduce blue light emission on your phone here. (HEALTH)

Time-saving services may boost happiness. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, spending money on time-saving services may boost overall happiness and satisfaction. Researchers studied the spending habits of 6,000 participants all over the world and found that those who paid for others to clean or cook for them reported increased contentment compared to those who didn’t. Interestingly, under 50 percent of the millionaires surveyed paid to outsource unpleasant tasks, while the others opted to do it themselves, potentially due to feeling guilty or wanting control. Another factor could be the “busy” culture of North America, leading people to juggle all aspects of their lives and enjoying that feeling of being capable. Some experts suggest that letting go and spending a little money to save time can have a huge positive impact on the quality of life. (ABC)